Hollies open sunday?

Does anyone know if hollies truckstop A5 is open tonight for parking? I’ve tried calling but there is no answer on either number

I Googled it…

Apparently it’s open til 10 tonight.

You’ll only know when you get there and its closed lol.

If it is closed and you are wanting fed try Truckers Rest a mile up the road.
If that is shut you can get a meal in the pub a short walk from Truckers rest, walking back towards Hollies direction…(of which the name escapes me) or there is a Toby Carvery walking the other way up A5.
Or if you bizarrely prefer crappy ‘food’ :open_mouth: there is a Maccy D.s on next roundabout.
So you won’t starve anyhoo. :smiley:

Ask to see…

The wine list when you get there.

They have a comprehensive cellar covering most of the popular wines.
I recommend the Châteauneuf-du-Pape.

He/she only wanted somewhere to park up ffs