Hello everyone!

So, after reviewing my options and getting in contact with many firms I have come up with and idea and I would like to know if it is feasible or not. Basically I have been doing local work (Tippers, skips etc.) For a few years now but I have always had an interest in European work. I had originally wanted to be based at home but after a long time thinking it over, I was wondering if it would be possible to move to the Netherlands and get myself a nice left ■■■■■■ and start doing work over there. I am not sure about licences over there. Would my English licence carry over? I know I am not making much sense but basically I was wondering if any of of you have ever done anything similar to this and if so, how did it go? :slight_smile:

Any answers appreciated,

Hi Alfie.Having lived in Holland for over 30yrs i can say that it is no problem for the licence,this is the same throughout the EU.The most important thing to remember is first,you will be competing with our EE brethren so work is not always easy to find.This also applies throughout the EU.Second is that you have to try to fit in[it’s their country,not your’s],their ways of doing things will be radically different to what you are used to.As with most Western European countries there is a lot of stress living there,it’s different when you go as a tourist or just to deliver a load but when you are part of their society life is different.I personally would not want to go back to live in Europé after moving up here where the pace,and way of Life is a bit more ‘‘old fashioned’’.Maybe because we are more isolated from the mainstream Europé and we have 6months or more of Winter. :unamused: Good luck.Mike

Thank you for the reply Mike! The only reason I was thinking Holland is because I have been there a few times and I quite like it and I also picked up a good bit of Dutch. But as you say, life is different when you actually live there. I have strongly considered Sweden but the snow has made me skeptical… During the winter, are all roads covered in snow or are some parts of the country unaffected? Also, have you picked any Swedish? It looks quite hard :laughing:

Hi Alfie.If you have learnt a bit of Dutch it will improve your chances of finding work and being accepted obviously.The problem with Holland is that it is overfull.Lappland is one quarter the size of Holland,they have 17 million,we have 250,000.so you can see the difference that makes mentally.
As you say,the winters make many people sceptical about living here,but like Canada [where i also lived]you adapt to the conditions and environment.Yes all the roads are covered in snow and ice and it can go as low as -40c, but you have special winter tyres,some with studs,and many 4x4s and you drive accordingly.If i drive from my house to Gällivare to work [i work part time in the winter]i may pass 10 vehicles in 90kms so it’s not exactly stressed driving.Mike