Holland and the Dutch goverments bill for drivers

On a site inGermany we have been talking about
the new hours and what various countrys are
doing,Well in Holland the Goverment passed a bill
which allows their drivers to carry on doing 55hrs
work a week, which will over a period of five(5)
years go down to 48hrs,The EU has told the
Dutch to complie with the new 48hr regulations
or they will be taken before the EUcourts for further
action, the link below is in Germany and this
was the start of the trouble for Holland,who is trying
to ensure that their drivers will not lose out as regards
working less hours,

.verkehrsrundschau.de/sixcms/ … elcb=34732

sorry can,t get it to change into a link,

the above report came out in july and
now the EU is acting to show that all
countrys must carry out the implemention
of the new rules,
Here in Germany they have passed the
bill and as of the 1st of september
this year all german transport companys
will have to obey the ruleing,
Better late than never,

www.verkehrsrundschau.de/sixcms/detail. … elcb=34732
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thanks Harry,as said before i,m not that competent on the PC,

Just Google it Pete & thewww. pops out. :laughing:
Got time on my hands at the moment. At 3 o.clock this morning there was a fight outside my ground floor flat & somebody ended up getting chinned & having the back of his head put thru my front window. I thought it was a car door slamming. At 6 this morning I see the damage . 82mm x 79mm window smashed. Not so bad as I have secondary double glazing. Its useless claiming on insurance because I have to pay the first £200. The Police came & made a report etc. The good news is that parked around the back is a fully fitted glaziers van belonging to the lad upstairs. But altho his van & car are there I think he has gone away in his girlfriends car. I have called him on the phone but he hasn`t answered. I can do it myself but I think he would make a better job. ( I just thought I would share this with you :laughing: )

H, you just GOT to move to a nicer nieghbourhood! :smiley:

It is nice during the day ,Dave. Its only when the night clubs chuck out & all the little scrotes have to walk home birdless & broke.
The guy upstairs surfaced at 11.30. I raced up to the glass merchants & bought the window pane. ( They closed at 12.30 ) It was one of those old wooden sash windows and all the old putty had to come out. My old friend did an hour with a chisel & had to go somewhere. I did 2 hours scraping about .He returned & did another half hour. He put the putty in the surround ,I got the window pane & held it up to the frame…You guessed ! Too small.
I taken the correct measurements but I had told the glass cutter to make it smaller so it fitted. Now everywhere is closed so thats Mondays job… :unamused:
I have secondary double glazing inside so its not so terrible.