Holidays under wtd

i have had 2 weeks holiday over christmas from my usual job but a friend rang me up and asked if i would help him out (usual stuff, desperate for drivers).
so i put in 3 days each of which was 13 hours giving a total of 39 hours duty time, admittedly this was not all working time but as the wtd dictates that holidays taken will be calculated at 40 hours per week this means that last week i worked probably around 65 or 70 hours even though in real terms i only worked around 30 to 35 hours.
how does that work then?
in my normal job i average 60 hours duty time per week but only around 45 hours working time leaving me well within the scope of the wtd, i take a holiday and help out a friend and end up working more time than in my normal job but only working for 3 days? :question:
if ever there was a daft and ridiculously thought out government directive then this has to be up in the top 3.
also how is it possible that when trucky boy goes to the states for his trip he will still clock up 40 hours under wtd when he isn’t even in a country affected by or that recognises tachographs, let alone wtd?

You don’t take three day of you holiday as paid leave or you don’t tell anybody you are working for your mate.
There are 2 reasons that I can think of for including holidays into the WTD.

  1. Paid holidays are part of your working contract and a legal entitlement.
  2. If your holidays weren’t included some employers might try and use them to reduce your hours. So they would tell you when to have your time off and when you asked for 2 weeks off to go to Butlins the answer would be no, because they would want you to use 1 week in one WTD period and another in the next.
  3. I think unpaid time off would not count in the WTD as they are not part of your contract.
  4. If anything from goverment or the EU makes sense, then you have missunderstood it.

Thats 4 things Muckles :open_mouth: :smiley: and you said only 2, before listing the 4 :unamused: :unamused: :laughing: :laughing: .

thanks muckles, i wasn’t too confused before but i am now.
perhaps a few beers will make things better.

Thats 4 things Muckles :open_mouth: :smiley: and you said only 2, before listing the 4 :unamused: :unamused: :laughing: :laughing: .

Please refer to point 4 of my post. :smiley: