Hit the magic number

Everyone keeps telling me that at about 300k the faults start piling up and it seems it’s true :laughing:
Started with a fuel problem last week, every time I pulled away hard and changed up, my truck hesitated for a few seconds before I could accelerate again, this left it to cutting out in some spots, at a routine PM the Thursday before this one I asked the mechanics to sort it, they changed all the filters and said it was now ok, it wasn’t and it started again after about 50 miles. Monday I took box van from Albany to Brooklyn and called into our shop to tell them. “Call us later and we will arrange to get you into Detroit Diesel tomorrow” said the man, then called me to say it would have to be Weds, I arranged a Ben & Jerry run for weds and said it would have to be Thurs, “Ok” said the mechanic. Thursday morning I called in the workshop and they pulled my truck in and took the brake drums off ■■?
“What are you doing ?” I asked.
“You have a shoe breaking up”
“What about the fuel problem ?”
“We’ll sort that after” and he spent 2 hours working on the brakes, then an hour on the fuel / water separator before realising he couldn’t fix it.
“So I’ll head up to Detroits then should I ?”
“No appointment has been made”
“You are surely kidding me” … No he wasn’t, but I insisted and he called them and as it happened they let me go there, they spent hours working on the truck then it appeared in the parking area, it was an hour before I went into reception to ask what was going on.
“Oh, it’s fixed” said the receptionist.
“Well wouldn’t it be a good idea to tell me ?” anyway 100 miles later the damm check engine light comes on it it looses about 10% of power, now I have to go back there on Monday morning, not happy … 300598 miles :laughing:

Mine had just done over 300000km when it decided to self destruct part by part.

Mine had just done over 300000km when it decided to self destruct part by part.

That’s the number :laughing:

My previous Cascadia was well in to her 900,000s (km’s) before she started developing serious problems. I think they’re a cracking fleet/company truck if they’re looked after properly, though like all new trucks they have far too many electronics and sensors. But then when the name of the game with most firms here is reactive repairs rather than preventative maintenance then its not surprising.

Flying eagle had an older cascadia pre 2010 that was a prety reliable tool but no def crap.

Flying eagle had an older cascadia pre 2010 that was a prety reliable tool but no def crap.

Same as mine, I think it was a 2008, one of the very first ones made. My current truck is a 2004 Kenworth T600 that wants for nothing in the workshop and goes great. My company still have some 97 and 98s bombing around in perfect working condition too.
DEF and other such anti-pollution nonsense does seem to be where most trucks go wrong these days.

My mate got a new Cascadia about 2 months ago.
Maiden voyage to California lasted about 14km before he got towed in, swapped trucks, his new one in the workshop 6 days getting sorted.
2nd trip managed to do 23km before getting towed in again, same problem, something to do with DEF.

07.00 am Monday I was at the door, they took my keys and had it in the shop for about 4 hours, I had just got into the second half of Saracens vs Toulouse from Wembley when the tart from reception gave me my keys back, “All fixed” she said.
“But I’m half way through a Rugby match” I said.
“Yeah right, get your ■■■ outta here driver” :laughing:
Been down to Yonkers, loaded this morning for Wawa dairy in Lima PA, now sitting in Langhorne PA waiting for my next load to East Windsor CT, truck is running fine … Touch wood.