hi mate

i was in the same position as you having just passed my class 2 a year ago. i kept my week job and gained experience doing weekend work for driver hire in bolton. they pay 6.40 a hour class 2 b4 6pm 7.40 after and 10.40 after 8 hrs. good payers to
p.s. you can get full time job if no experience i did 21000 basic class 2. :smiley:

cheers mate im definetly going to try an get a job on weekend nights hopefully but have been told weekend work is hard to get if your a new driver as everyone else gets offered the overtime first ,21000 is a very good wage for a new driver very lucky to get that mate who are you working for?

there are some good paying jobs out there, just have to know who pays what & where, it helps if you get to know a few drivers as well as they will give you the heads up.
see that you live in Bury, get down to Stake Hill Industrial Estate in Middleton, you have Wincantons doing the Tesco runs from there, there more companies working from there as well.Just find out what agency they use.
I have been doing agency work on my days offf since June 2006, just doing my class 1 now.

hi mate
just try to get your foot in the door with a agency. you may have to put up with silly o clock start times put it will put you in mind with the agency for other positions.
p.s. get on job centre plus website and apply for any job that suits you good luck. :smiley: