Hi, im a new "wannabee"

hello everyone,

i have been searching the net for info on HGV driving, and im glad iv found this place lol, from what ive read so far there’s plenty of info to help me out.

Most posts i have read so far have had a little background story in so here’s my story, Around 12 months ago i was working as a mechanic down here in cornwall, my grandfather (who is more like a father to me) fell ill and needed someone to care for him, so i gave up my job to become his full time carer.
12 months have now passed and his illness has become worse to the point he is now going into a nursing home and i need to get back into work, i could just get a job in a garage again but the wages here are appawling in that line of work and i have always wanted to drive a lorry (i love driving and my own company lol) .
I know there are plenty of jobs in the area and the average rate of pay seems to be about £10 per hour.

The problem i have is funding for the training, is there an organization i can contact with regard to that ■■?
And what are the chances of a new driver (23years old) being taken on■■? i imagine that most employers would want at least 25 year olds due to insurance etc

Thanks in advance for your help, sorry for the essay style post.


Hi John & welcome to trucknet. :smiley:

Im a newbie myself, passed class 2 in december last year. I too, struggled with funding my training and had to do it the hard way. (Save up & begg of the family :astonished: )

There is no government funding that I could find, but if you have a decent credit rating you could apply for a career development loan. Like a normal loan, but as far as Im aware the interest is paid for you. :sunglasses:

Im also 23 and have only held my licence for 2 years. I havent had too much trouble finding work, albeit agency.

Best of luck! :slight_smile:

welcome to the forums John.

I’m a newbie class 1 and having trouble finding employment but hopefully awaiting some responses :unamused:

If you have been in reciept of any kind of benefit it’s worth a chat at the jobcentre as they can definately fund LGV training… apparently due to the huge demand for drivers they believe there is a 99% chance of employment after training and therefore it’s worth them paying for it. :open_mouth:

good luck

Hi Ambrose, welcome to trucknet.

Can’t answer the question about funding as I paid myself.

What part of cornwall are you in?? I am curious that you say there are plenty of jobs at around the £10 per hour mark cos they certainlt aint in the Redruth area.

The agency’s tend to offer that sort of moner but the work I had from them was so sparce that it didn’t pay. i.e. 1 week @ £10ph, 2 or 3 weeks no work.

As far as Class 1 Goes, I was on £6.30 per hour tramping (out all week) with R R transport in Redruth. They do take on drivers with no experience as does the sister company (Conway Bailey)

Good luck with the training



What part of cornwall are you in?? I am curious that you say there are plenty of jobs at around the £10 per hour mark cos they certainlt aint in the Redruth area.

Im in the penzance area, many times in the past i have been to the jobcenter and searched on there computers for van driving jobs, but all that i ever got was class 1/2 driving on an average of £10 per hour, some less and some more, i thought it was the norm to have vacancies with that money as i heard there was a shortage in the industry■■?


I know exactly where you are coming from mate and I don’t want to sound like i’m putting a dampner on your plans,


18 months ago I was in the exact same position you are now and saw the same thing. Yeah I can make more money driving trucks without the hassle of passengers (I’m also PCV)

Realisticly you are looking at about the £6 - £7 per hour rate down here. Some pay better, some pay worse. (My first job was a tipper firm in Falmouth, started at £5.25 per hour then went up to £5.65 last april. That is what they are still paying.)

On the class 1 front I was offered one job at £6 per hour and took one that paid £6.30 per hour. Yes it was good money but I was working 60+ hours per week.

If you can get your licence through the jobcentre then I would do it anyway, you will always have it. I wouldn’t be surprised if they try and get you do do the PCV instead.

If you want to know more about pay rates down here, cos I don’t want you to think i’m trying to paint a gloomy picture, you could pm cornish trucker. It might take a few days to get a reply cos he is often away all week


i found that the driver shortage is a little over exagerated, and that pay can be a less than desired, but i still want to drive artic’s some day so i’ll just have to do what everyone else starting in the industry does and start from the bottom, even if it means driving a van,

i’m goin to the jobcenter tommorow to see what they say about traing funds etc, not sure about the PCV, my old man does that for first, i dont fancy PCV myself, think i’d prefer parcels to people lol, i let you know what they say.

Cheers for the info, you have been a help to me, thanks mate.


Hi John and welcome :smiley:
only advice i can give you on this one is if its what you
want to do go for it mate. money isnt everything. i earn
less now driving artics than i did laying bricks but im
happy with that.

I guess if it comes to it, once you’ve passed you could get a job with a Dealer in their workshops?

Your garage background would help on that, might be another way into it and pays better than ‘car’ mechanics

just as an addition to what i said earlier in this topic…i was in the job centre today looking for one of those elusive 80,000 drivers jobs :confused: and i mentioned to an advisor that i might be needing to get my hands on a driver card (for digital tachos) sometime soon, but that i’d heard they were about £38. i was told that it was no problem, they would be happy to pay for it if it would help me into employment, just bring in the reciept!!! :astonished:

Been to the jobcenter today and asked them about help with training costs, they told me that they no longer give money out for it unless i have a employer that has said i have a job when my training is complete, when i go back in a few days i’ll try a different adviser just incase but looks like no joy.