Hi from Janner2012 [Split from HGV LGV TRAINING]

hi ppl i am currently doing my class 2 atm i have passed module 1+2 first time at my local theroy test centre so all i have to complete my mod 3+4 which is the main test and show me tell me test anyone got any tips for me on my main driving test and my mod 4 test as i feel i can do it but not sure i will bit everyone says its not bad any tips would be grateful peeps cheers carl :unamused:

Hi Janner 2012,

I’ve split your post from the topic in which you posted it, because it wasn’t getting any replies.

Telling you this has given it a BUMP :grimacing: :smiley:

Welcome janner2012

You will be fine doing your practical test as long as you listen to your examiner and take things easy its nota race and taking it slower for approach to junc etc will give you more time to select the right gears and give your examiner a smooth controlled drive , they are not looking for perfection just that you are safe to drive a class 2 veh safely and not damamge anything or anyone maybe do a diary for us when you take your practical training and any little problems you have you can ask here and we will try and give you all the tips we can as we have all been there its tough and the training will take it out of you as is an intense week of concentration

good luck with it

jen x

hi thanks for the tip i did my test on fri 25 may and i PASSED first time i was well happy and relived it was good i got 7 minors but i still passed and no now that this was £1100 well invested :smiley:

all i have to do now when i get my licence back is to book in my cpc module 4 test then im on the road if i can find someone to give me a chance as i think i deserve it lol
i no the cpc 4 will not be nothing like the driving test itself just common sense i take it?

also would like to say a very big big thank you to STEVE ROBERTSON LTD in exeter i had my training in plymouth with brian who was ace and nos his ■■■■ and taught me some good pratical tips and without him id prob would of failed so thanks again

if anyone has any advice on mod 4 then id be very grateful

thank you carl :smiley:


You have a PM.

Hi ppl i got my cpc mod 4 done why did i need to worry it was easy as chips lol i now landing myself with a job driving a 11tonner for aspray24 not a 18 but il get my experience with this job so maybe get a better job later on happy days :confused:

Well Done. Onwards and upwards. I seen a few Aspray vehicles out on the road. You’ll definitely get some experience in multidrop :slight_smile:

Cheers mate :wink: yeah im def getting that lol amount of places we deliver to in devon n cornwall is mental mostly ironmongery so farms are good fun am enjoying it for a min :unamused: