Hi all. wot have i missed?

hi all.

back online, new house and every things hunky dory my end.
has lucy had the baby?.
i heard from mal today, he is sounding a bit down, but seems to know wot he is doing so my best wishes go out to him and family.

i,m going to take some time to read a weeks posting lata, but havent seen one RE LUCY AND CHILD.

hope alls well lucy… catcch ya,s dafta… :wink:

oh notice the change of location!

I am glad your move went well ohterry and
I hope things work out the best for Mal :smiley: .

Hi Ohterry, good to see you back. :smiley:

Has Lucy had her baby are you taking the p, seen as you do not know currently Baby is undergoing, training to work in an RDC, it’s taking that bloody long for lucy to get tipped Rikki must owe a fortune :laughing: :laughing:

oh notice the change of location!

Welcome Back :confused: :laughing:

Why d ya move to West Sussex? :confused:
Whereabouts are you if you dont mind me being so nosey? :laughing: