Hi All, digicard help needed

Hi all,im new on here and thought id say that this forum is full of usefull information , but i need a bit of help with my digicard as its the first time i have used it in 18 months as my new truk has got one and i cant find an answer on the search,and that is i am a tramper, start sunday evenings finnish friday evenings,do i leave my digi card in all week or do i remove it when i parkup in a layby overnight ■■? look forward to some sort of reply

Entirely up to you. If you are sure you won’t do anything daft like alter the mode switch while parked up then you could choose to leave it in, remembering to change the mode to rest when you park up. Equally you can take it out if you wish. Both ways are accpetable.

I have probably crocked it up a few times when swapping countries.

By that I mean sometimes I have left it in and just put it on rest when I parked up, Other weeks I have removed the card when obviously it then asks you which country you are in or if you want a manual entry (ooer, missus)

Im trying to get into the habit and doing one or the other, not both

Thanks for that i, i think i will leave it in that way i wont lose the thing,lol, and i wont need to make any manual entries as it looks a bit complicated until i get used to the thing…

leave it in as long as you dont move once parked up

leave it in as long as you dont move once parked up

You don’t want to be moving if you take it out either. It will record as driving without a card and raise suspicions in a check.