Hgv medical blundered by gp (update)

Hi all, first time on here but felt the need to post my anger at my GP.
On the 4/2/15 I went for my medical to renew my licence which went well, recieved the form back including my old licence from the dvla on 16/2/15 to be told it had not all been filled in,I went back to GP to complete my form and mailed again to dvla on 17/2/15.
3 weeks later I contacted the dvla to inquire about my licence to be told it was still being dealt with. Contacted them again 1 week later 17/3/15 and was told the same thing again. On the 25/3/15 I recieved a letter that was dated 19/3/15 ( posted 2nd class) telling me that my licence was suspended due to my eye sight being above +8 and I would have to go for an eye test to confirm that this was not the case.(The GP had ticked the wrong box)
I went for an eye test on the 26/3/15 and passed with flying colours and immediately sent this to the dvla by gauranteed post before 1pm for the next day.
I called them that day and was told that it had not been scanned onto my file yet and they would not know when.
I have since called every day telling them that i am about to lose my job over the GP’S massive mistake to be told the same up until thur when at last it was scanned.
I called them this morning to be told that it still had not been reviewed and would not be until tue 7/4/15 due to the easter holidays.
to say I am not very happy would be an understatment due to the fact that not only is my licence suspended but also to the loss of earnings and may be about to lose my job.
What I still can’t get my head round is the fact that the dvla let me drive up until the 25/3/15 (day I received the suspension)even though the GP had ticked the box saying I had Mr Magoo eyesight from the very start.

Today 7/4/15 I recieved a call from the dvla telling me that my case was now on the priority list and I would have to sign a declaration for them regarding me being a type 2 diabetic,funny thing is that they found this out when I was 45 when I went for my medical then ,and it was also on the form that was submitted on 4/2/15.
So now I have to wait on the form arriving so that I can sign it and return to them and then they will issue my licence.
can believe how bad their service is.

threaten legal action for loss of earnings and so on,if the company let you go because of it then sue the GP and possibly the DVLA,in this day and age people are claiming compo for the silliest of reasons,yours would not be because you are prevented from working because of the GPs/DVLAs ■■■■ ups

Already started looking into that (to get the wife off my back to).

Already started looking into that (to get the wife off my back to).

good luck

Tbh I would have double checked the orginal med form for errors before sending it off the 1st time round

To be fair the GP made a small error, it’s the DVLA’s incompetence that has put you where you are.

sue the GP

Then start looking for a new GP, because the old 1 will kick you off their list.

Sent my medical form and licence to DVLA to be renewed, and it was sent back to me, almost by return, stating that the medical was out-of-date. When dating the form, instead of putting 27/10/14, my GP had put 27/01/14, which did make it appear to be out of date. Went back to the surgery, got her to amend it, and sign the alteration, then sent it back to DVLA, immediately, with a covering letter, and received my new licence within a week.

Even GPs can make clerical errors, and the onus was on me to check the form before I sent it in. Can’t understand why DVLA are taking so long to sort this out for you though. Why couldn’t your GP have just amended and signed the form like mine did?

Fuuny that, my GP made a mistake on mine, and it got returned, so had to take the thing back to him. Should we really be double checking these things? Do you know your current visual acuity? :sunglasses: My GP insists I pay in cash, and I get a written receipt…wonder whether this is just holiday money for them?

One thing is puzzling me on this thread; why are people going to their GP for the medical when you can get it done far cheaper elsewhere by doctors who fill in countless of these forms and could do it with their eyes shut without making mistakes.

Then there’s the option available to many to just renew their photo on the licence and get 4 or 5 years added to the LGV expiry date without the need for a medical.

I was due a medical last month but renewed the photo last year and not due one now until 2019.

Must be your own GP at 45!

Must be your own GP at 45!

Not unless the rules have changed recently it doesn’t.

Must be your own GP at 45!

No it doesnt. Go elsewhere and get it at nigh on half the price.

Anything to do with the DVLA medical board can be a massive pain in the arse.
Their communication skills, and timescales involved with them replying to you are an utter disgrace. Been fighting them since September last year, and the louder i shout to get the correct outcome, the more difficult they make things.

Must be your own GP at 45!

How can I put this in a way to not cause offence?

Oh, I know!!

That’s ■■■■■■■■. No one is forced to have a GP, I haven’t been registered with a doctor for over 20 years so I don’t have a GP. You must have pulled that rule out your arse. :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

That should do it. :smiley:


Must be your own GP at 45!

No it doesnt. Go elsewhere and get it at nigh on half the price.

My bad, soz for the duff info

No way would I line the pockets of my own GP, had mine done 2yrs back (45yrs old) by a locum who go’s to a different area once every month hires out an office for the day and see’s about 50 blokes in the 1 day!

In and out inside of 10mins, stood on the scales, read the letter chart from 4ft away then blood pressure taken (got a nice little trick to stable blood pressure to get through the test for the day) forms filled in accurately as I checked after then payed £40. Thank you very much CHERCHING next customer please!

Couldn’t get me out the office quick enough!! Must make a fortune on these surgery days all over the country even after paying a few hundred quick the rent an office for the day.