HGV Insurance

Could anyone recommend insurance companies please?
We have 6 vehicles which are varied and some a bit specialist with what they carry. 4 of them are plant/machinery and general flatbed vehicles but 1 carries abnormal loads and ADR in the form of fuel bowsers occasionally. Our insurance company is making hard work of any changes or additional vehicles that don’t fit their tick boxes and requesting to know EXACTLY what we carry. Is this how they all are? With flat bed and plant work we move what needs moving but they don’t seem to get that. They want us to list ALL we are likely to carry to make sure we are covered. Goods covered ‘up to the amount of’ doesn’t seem to count these days. I get the fact that some things need to be listed but they really are getting difficult to deal with.
Any advice appreciated.

Iam with tower gate , i know some who don’t rate them but I find them really helpful, I have 2 vehicles with cranes on both tow various types of trailers/plant ect ,ones a roll on roll off and I do European work too when suits, my goods ins is with IFM in Sheffield and again they are good as the value and types of loads I do varies widely. The Burley group have emailed to say they can beat out current costs but iam loath to change for the sake of a few hundred quid when I’ve had such good service from others for so long.

I have used C&C insurance near Stockport for a number of years and would recommend them

I have had good service from A J Gallagher (formerly Oval Group), and have used Towergate as well.
Have you tried turning the tables on them? Ask for a list of items they won’t cover or require a premium for.
You need to remind them they are a service provider! Assuming you have a good claims history ask how much rebate you will receive if you cancel your policy. Then go to market with that figure, I have had an insurance company pick up the difference (in the form of a mid-term rebate and policy extension) to get the new business, but we had a really good claims history and a sizeable fleet.

I got a quote off Towergate 2 years ago after talking to them at a show. I gave them all the figures and they came back and advised me to stay with my current insurer as there was no way they could beat the deal I was getting. Does not really help you I know except to say that I thought their approach was very professional. Even if they did not save me any money :unamused: . We actually insure with the NFU but we are an oddity, (we are not farmers either).
I am happy to pass on the contact details via pm if you want to try them but I am not sure how successful it would be for a “real” haulage company. (we are only part timers :blush: .)

Thank you all for your input. All advice appreciated.