HGV Driving Software Ideas and recommendations


I have spent the last 16 years as a truck driver and have recently left the industry for a new career. A few years back after getting fed up with the industry, I went back to school, college, then got into university to study for a degree. I have given up driving full time to embark on a new career as Software Developer. What I have learnt in my years of driving, is that drivers generally have some really good ideas on how the job should/could be done, and are often never heard.

I would like to give back to the trucking community, and improve the situation for existing drivers if I can. So my question, is there any hardware/software/app ideas that you would like to see that would make your lives as a professional lorry driver better. This could be improving any existing software you feel is bad, or any new ideas not seen. Literally, any ideas, suggestions, thoughts are all welcome.

Thanks for you time :smiley: