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Hi all, new to the group . Due to my current work situation I’m thinking of leaving the trade and becoming a hgv driver, I’ve been looking on line and there is a hell of a lot of training company’s willing to take my cash, however a fool and his money are easily parted so I was wondering if anyone on here could recommend a good reliable training group in the West Midlands, particularly the dudley, stourbridge, Halesowen Region■■?

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Cheers I’ll have a read throught it, much appriciated

Hi, and welcome. My advice mirrors most other contributors and that is to avoid all adverts that carry on about being “nationwide” with 30 or 40 branches. They are brokers. They also normally mention the “driver shortage” and wages of £30k.

Visit your trainer, look at the vehicles and make sure you’re happy with the set up. Then look at at least one other for comparison. Never book and pay on the phone until you’ve done this. The only exception is to book on rock solid recommendation.

Be aware of the additional costs of medical, theory tests and driver cpc. Some trainers will “forget” to mention this and the sums involved are significant.

There are some good deals to be had if you do your homework.

Fire any more questions you like and you’ll get answers on here.

All the best, Pete :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: