Hey Atkig

Hows it going? Giving it “full of the pipe?” Was interested to know if you have made any decisions yet on your new truck? If so what kind of deals are kicking about?

Hi Big Truck,

Things are at the usual quiet time of the year for us as far as work goes.

Now the truck, RMC have been undergoing a major re structure and a lot of the senior managers have changed jobs or left the company.

The trouble is until the managers are in place I cannot get to talk to anybody about what they want me to have i.e. six wheeler or eight wheeler, ordinary truckmixer or one with some added equipment i.e. conveyor belt or a pump unit.

I have been looking around and talking to a few dealers though.

If I need an eight wheeler, as long as I can have the TG cab a MAN is currently favourite. No one seems to be sure when the TG cab will come on line on a muti wheeler yet though.

Mercedes are doing some really good deals at the moment especially on the Rand M packages.

Both of these have dealers local to me.

The good old Seddon Atkinson is still the lightest of the lot though at over a tonne lighter than an Atego for a six wheeler!!!

Chassis delivery times and the build slots for the mixer unit will also play a part so I am not expecting the new truck to be in service before September, but the decision needs to be made in the next couple of months.

The next few weeks should see some progress and I will keep you posted.