Hewson Brothers ( Howden )

Hi Everyone.
Does anybody have any pictures of Hewson Brothers from Howden East Yorkshire ? I am originally from Howden and would love to see if anyone has pictures of their Red and White Ford Transconitnentals and earlier, their Red and White F88’s when Bullens purchased them from the original Hewson Brothers.
Heres hoping.

Did you see this thread, I posted where you can get a Volvo F88 pictures,

Hewson Bros- Volvo F88 ABT 6K


Hi Wheelnut,
Many thanks for your response.Yes, now found the website on your recommendation,fantastic picture…I have now purchased a copy.
Just what I am looking for ! Thanks again.
Wow.Wish I could now get one of their Ford Transcontinental fleet which replaced the Volvo F88/89.

hi ringrose i am a howden lad and have some photos of thes as the old man drove for them i will post them on site in next few days

stevo 56

Superb Stevo 56.I too was born and bred in Howden but now living and working in India and not been on the site for quite some time.Look forward to the pictures, what era did he drive for them ? :sunglasses: