Help with stolen trailer

I got into work this morning and the office staff were in a total flap. One of our subbies had come in to take a trailer to be delivered to Haydock, after driving round the yard numerous times he could not find the trailer. After a few phone calls up to the security office it emerges the the trailer left our site in Runcorn at 06.45 this morning but the paperwork was still in our transport office. The security up until today only took the registration of the vehicles as they left and drivers were not requested to stop just drive through slowly. Well the security only managed to get the last 3 letters of the reg and after many more phone calls to all our subbies it emerged that the unit didnt belong to any one of them, so yes you can guess, some one had just drove in picked the trailer up and drove out. Now it appears to have been some one with inside knowledge as to the way we operate and as to what was on the trailer at the time. Out of approx 200 trailers on site at the time most are loaded with our own product ( kitchen cupboard carcasses) but this trailer was actually loaded with a backhaul which included, dispossable nappies, baby wipes, wine, and other consumables. The trailer was actually found later this afternoon in a layby on the A483 between Wrexham and Oswestry on the northbound side. The seal on the backdoor was still intact, which indicates that they knew exactly which trailer to take.
If anyone remembers seeing a light blue stepframe tautliner ( trailer number TTR10427) with the words M.F.I MORE MONEY FOR YOUR HOME on the side in the Runcorn, Chester, Wrexham, Oswestry area between 06.45 and 20.00 hrs and NOT being pulled by a M.F.I livered unit then I am sure that my company would be grateful for such info.
The security only got the last 3 letters of the reg which were JPF and didnt even get the make or colour of the unit so anything at all might help trace those responsible.
Anyone with any info can call me on 07841030435.
Although I cant guarantee it I think there may be some reward for info leading to a conviction.
Thanks, Paul

sorry to hear that you’s lost a trl m8.just one thing…is there plans to review you security procedure :question: surely it would be better that the security checked the trl’s/vehicle’s coming in and out of depot :question: but obviously the security was not doing their job’s properly which i think needs to be looked at :bulb: as you said it look’s as if they had some inside knowledge :exclamation: :wink:

Sorry to hear about the stolen trailer and it does
sound like they had inside knowledge but at lest
no one was hurt unlike the story in april’s truck and
driver where a driver was attacked while he was walking
back to his truck at cherwell valley services and they took
his trailer :angry: .

when companies realise that security means looking after all of the premises and its contents…they may too realise that it is a serious operation and not to be taken lightly…so to employ some jobsworth just to sit and drink tea all night …not forgetting the t.v…then heads should roll…i feel that it is better to employ someone directly than to employ a security company…that way i believe that security would be done with a good heart…and feelings for the company property…and i assume that this security belonged to a security company rather than in house…

MFI is a joke, Runcorn especially.
Half of the fleet at Howden are unmarked hire vehicles because the TM cocked up ordering the new fleet. It is not unknown for a trailer at MFI to end up “lost” when someone has actually taken the wrong one and its ended up at one of the smaller factories or Northampton where it may never be seen again.

Having half the shift as agency drivers too doesn’t help.