Help with scanned photographs please!

I can manage to scan photographs , but I am unable to remove the white background of the scanning plate on my new Windows 8 computer. I am using Picasa , and a H P Deskjet 3520 Printer.
Can anyone help me , please?

Thanks in advance , cattle wagon man.

I don’t have an HP printer/scanner but a quick search shows that the scanning software appears to be quite basic, you should really be able to crop the image before the final scan, but as far as I can tell the HP software doesn’t allow you to do that.

You’re using Windows 8 so should be able to use Windows Fax and Scan which comes with Windows 8 and Windows 7.

Here’s a video I’ve found that shows how to use windows 8 Fax and Scan, as you can see you can crop the image in the preview before scanning, this is what you should be doing to get rid of the white space around your images.

(this video shows Fax and Scan being used on a Windows 8 desktop, if you’re using a laptop it will be slightly different in opening Fax and Scan but everything else will be the same)

I don’t use Picasa myself but here’s a video that shows how to crop images in Picasa, you can crop them to get rid of the white space, but obviously the aim should really be to crop the images from the scan preview to save yourself some work.

If you have any problems let us know and one of us will be able to help, or post the images somewhere and I’ll crop them for you :wink:

Hi tachograph ,
Many thanks for your prompt reply, re: scanning & posting photographs.

Ive been trying the methods , but am finding it rather complicated as Im not too familiar with modern technology . :unamused:
I`ll have an attempt tomorrow , so I1ll keep you informed .

Cheers , and thanks again , cattle wagon man.