Help Please!!!!!

I am stuck which way to go with my training.

I have the chance to to go on the Eddie Stobart LGV Licence course. Cost being £2400 which includes Hazard Perception,Theory Class C and C+E. The course initially starts in May with the theory and hazard perception week. Then looking at June for Class C and July for C+E completion being expected to be August. This also has the possibility of a job at the end of it. No Guarantee.

Pro’s - Solid company to work for with possibility of job at end of it. Numerous departments to go into.
Cons - course is in Widness some twenty miles away. Duration of course, Does not include paying for medical or Licence. Unable to make the course shorter.

Second option is to go with RedRose Training who are approximate five miles away cost being approx £2800 everything including cpc, medical etc. Also includes forklift, ADR and Hiab. Course duration a lot shorter.

If going with Redrose there is no job at the end of it, however come out with more skills for cv. Being new driver will have problem then of getting work. I am a older driver at 38 years. One thing Eddies said today was that they are currently recruiting drivers so would they take on a new driver with no experience, though will have a lot more skills. Also by the time I pass etc Christmas will be coming and does that mean more drivers are recruited and will still have a chance of C+E Work.

Help and advice please.

Personally, I would go for the training firm that gives you extra tickets (HIAB, FLT, etc) Get your licence quicker, so you can apply for jobs sooner. If Stobarts would take you on for Christmas with their training scheme, then they would take you on with a few months more experience (hopefully) under your belt. Good luck :smiley:

As The Sarge said Redrose sounds better as its quicker and more skills, the more stuff you can do the better chance of getting a job .


Seems a long drawn out process just to possibly drive for Stobarts, as you stated no guarantee of a job :open_mouth:

Question you need to ask yourself is this, if they are that keen on training wannabee drivers they should be footing the bill of any training and tie you into a driving contract…ie once you gained your licence you gotta work for them for 2 years
what the hell are they asking you for £2400…bit of a bloody cheek if you ask me…

Id chose the latter, train with a local reputable company, hoping that you pass first time and with all the extras…bearing in mind that if you fail any part of class 1 or 2 there is gonna be additional costs for more training and test fees unless you pay for pass protection…

End of the day you get ya licence in say under a month /two at the out side, then you can go work anywhere

Cheers for all the advice so far. Its appreciated.

Any more advice. Need to decide asap to get started. Looking at going the Redrose route from the two replies so far.

I would definitely go with the red rose one cause like you say it will be Xmas before you know it and if you are determined you will get a job anyway and with the extra tickets you will soon be on better money than the £7 stobbarts will give you

Go the way that keeps the widest available options for you. Stobarts course sounds like a one trick pony that you may never get a chance to ride. You can’t get a F/L, ADR & HIAB course for £400 combined with them so it’s a bit of a no brainer for me I’d take my chances independently knowing I wasn’t tied down to one firm

Looks like off to RedRose on Monday to book it all.

You go for it Darren… Screw waiting on a Stobart’s pipe dream that might not come to much… :smiley:

Looks like off to RedRose on Monday to book it all.

You won’t go wrong with Red Rose, good company, good instructors and decent wagons

Are you aware that Stobarts have a dreadful rep for payment rates?

Stobarts are a transport co first and have tacked on training to help themselves save costs on recruitment (admittedly this is my assumption). I would go for someone who is a training company first and last.