Help needed

Don’t often post on here but ATM I’m incredibly unhappy where I’m working(people rather than the firm itself) and wondered if anyone knew of any jobs going in the essex/herts/ suffolk area …I’m going to have a ring round tommorow but if anyone has ideas or thoughts on places I’d be grateful


hi there got this in my email don’t know if you have an hiab … d=55643201

hi there just gone though some more of my emails and found this, there still send them so you never know have a look … lications/ you will have to look for it on there


We are looking to recruit LGV Drivers on our food grade tankers in West Thurrock. The operation covers 24 hours, 7 days a week.

I think it nights

Hope its of help


Hi Dogthehunter,

I’ve seen these recently and if you have a moffett. SIG out of Barking is supposedly looking for the Moffett drivers - Think it’s Sheffield Insulation.

Also A-plant looking South Brentwood - … aa8e1de692

Take care out there and best of luck.


Cheers fellas will apply for those

I know Goldstar are looking for drivers down Suffolk way.

Sent you a pm mate

Where you working? did you not ask on here about welchs transport not so long ago? Theres plenty of work in cambridgeshire but depends if your willing to travel. I see your only a few miles down the road from me!

What do you mean. Are your colleagues making it difficult for you?? If there is no reasoning with them just keep your head down and do your best. Obviously I don’t know what the situation is with you but you go to work to earn money and not to make friends don’t you?

I can’t do with most of my jolly work comrades. I just ignore them, works for me.