help needed

took a message today whilst i was driving oops … shouldnt do that
now im stuck i take a truck from hull to middleton manchester cannot remember if its for morrisons or tescos rdc directions needed please i have tried ringing the boss no reply obviously turns phones off in case the new bloke rings lol, i know my mate has wakefield rdc thats morrisons
then we back pedal to hull to go to wellingborough…i leave monday morning 0400 so any help will be appreciated
i have tried typing in morrisons on google and tescos no help … reclimit=4


if you had the road or street name, that would help alot

ive pmd you hairygorilla. the directions are on the sticky at the top of the uk drivers page titled "directions to rdcs"... or something similar. tescos is on stakehill ind est. come off the m62 at jcn 20 and turn left, 1st junction come off and turn right, down to an island and bear left and left again into the estate. tescos will come up on yr right, DONT go in the 1st gate, follow the rd round to your left and theres another small gate approx 200yrds up. (hope these directions are correct-its been a while!) maybe someone else can pinpoint it exactly if i`m wrong?

I would go for Tesco, Isnt Morrisons Northwich? and Wakefield

cheers for that
just to double check i am going in the yard tommorow …luckily its only 5 mins away on hedon road
someone maybe in the yard x fingers dont fancy turning up 0400 hrs monday to find im going somewhere completely different… is the tescos easy for a newbie to reverse onto■■?
when i win the lottery all rdc s will be like mc donalds drive throughs lol

if its ambient goods your tipping they back you into the warehouse, theres a bloke stood directing you in with what looks like a ping-pong bat I KID YOU NOT :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: a bit like the blokes moving planes on aircraft carriers :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: . youll be fine