Help for a friend

Hi guys
Just a quick one a friend of mine is looking for euro work based in and around yorkshire he lives just outside doncaster and will travel for right job / money
Any ideas where I can point him

Many thanks

Katem Ltd i think are Newcastle area do Europe.
Renault Premium fleet.
Yorkshire freight ltd in Bradford get a lot of foreign lorries in there to enquire about.
He may have travel further away to get Euro work such as S&K in Barry South Wales.They do Uk only or Belgium and home weekends or Euro on weeks away.
Ralph Davies in Cheltenham.
I worked with a firm in Wakefield and lived 350 miles away.
It was no problem as took the truck home on days off or drove my car home.
If away for six weeks , it is no big deal.
Pulleyn in Reading do pharmaceutical all over Europe and TIR countries.
Gerry Jones in Wales.TD Williams in Wales.
Then the Irish firms with Virginia, Breen Trans , Nolans and so on.

Cranleigh Freight services do air cargo on Euro.
Brian Yeardley groupage high volume trailer to Italy ,France and Spain and concert/exhibition work on Euro.
BY is based in Featherstone.
Ask for Kevin the manager.
GBA Ltd.
Insight Ltd at Inkberrow near Pershore do Spain and Gibraltar.
Continental Expresss do Morrisons in Gib.
Two man drivers non stop.Or single driver.

Surefreight, Bradford
Bradtrans, Bradford
Maru, Dewsbury
BY as mentioned by Toby

Katem were from Spennymoor but I haven’t seen them over here for years and their web site no longer works, so I suppose they are victims of the east European invasion…

Katem are still on the go and do still run abroad, although not as much as previously.

Katem are still on the go and do still run abroad, although not as much as previously.

That’s good to know.

their web site no longer works

… yes it does :blush:

Get a cheap flight to Hungary and work for Waberers.Get to see Russia,Baltic States ,Scandinavia ,Western and Eastern Europe.They take on 18 year old Newbies.

and on the subject of drifting off to lala land, forget about waberers, fly to sofia and look up the terminal of willi betz! you’ll see iran, iraq, azerbaijan, georgia as well as many other distant countries with names impossible to pronounce. you won’t speak the language and the wage will be nonexistent but that’s not relevant, is it? ask toby, he himself drives for a turkish firm I’m led to believe.