Hi, first time using this site, some pretty helpful hints and tips.

Passed the Cat C test last Friday in Grimsby with only 1 minor error; goodness knows how cos I was sure I made several [zb]ups!
I was meant to start training for Class C+E today with the test next Tuesday, but as the examiners no longer accept Certificate of Entitlements as proof and insist on the full licence being produced, its been moved back a week and I start training on Tuesday afternoon next week.

In regards to getting a job after passing, I asked my tutor and he rang his contacts and found me a job to start as soon as I have the C+E licence which can’t be bad :smiley:



si if you would have put the word in you’d have saved me a edit :laughing: :wink: jon

Hello Si, welcome to Trucknet!!!

Congratulations on passing your Cat C mate, and its great your doing your C+E so quick. And ya got a job sorted too, thast brilliant.

I am only cat C stage, and doing my training 2nd week in January, so you’ll prob be on the road before me…

This site is so full of hints, tips and help, that you, like I have, wil find it invaluable. and with so many guys and girls out there that are willing to help, with even the amallest, trivial little things.

Have fun on here mate, and welcome again!!

By the way, I take it you got a CBR??.. well, I ride a 98 Fireblade :smiley: :smiley:

Well done on passing your Class 2 CBR_SI. I’m from Grimsby and took mine and passed in October. Did you train with Mike Burch? Work was a little slow for me at first but after signing up with Driverhire I’m getting plenty. Good luck for your Class 1.

welcome to trucknet si

congratulations on your pass and good luck for your next test.looks like you flew it. :smiley:

was it a first time pass? and do you have ny tips for others doing the cat c?


oops about the editing thing, i didn’t want to offend anyone lol

I trained with Steve Dent of Scunthorpe, he uses an Iveco Ford flatbed jobbie, apparantly what the army use as it just meets the regs for the test; for example the lorry needs to be 7metres long and it is 7.2 m etc. For the C+E he has a trailer that he attaches to the lorry. But although he’s based in scunny (as am i), we spent all the days driving round grimsby.
It was a first time pass, the only real tip I found was to not panic and even if you think you failed only 5 minutes into the test (i made a real hash of the gear changing exercise) , just concentrate and everything is going to be ok!
Really, Steve is an excellent instructor and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending him to anyone.

I DID have a CBR750, AndyM, but some toerag decided that they would rather have it out of my garden; still waiting for the insurance to sort it out 8 weeks on - but thats another story…

Well, tomorrow I am spending a shift with one of the drivers from where I am going to be working; first time for me in an artic even as only a passenger so I’m sure it’ll be an eye-opener!


Congratulations on the C & good luck on the C+E.

Ah Glad you found the site Si … another Biker Trucker … Check out Bully’s Truckstop, What bike do you ride :smiley:

ah i dont ride anything at the mo, cus some scum nicked my bike; waiting for the insurance to come thru b4 looking 4 something else - probably a hornet! :laughing:

Si … it’s me … Johndensdad … I know ya bike was nicked mate :open_mouth:

that was sneaky John lol :wink: