Hello from a newbie

Big Hello to everyone,
Just passed my class 2 about a month ago and i,m doing class 1 next week !! wahhhh ! Hopefully that goes OK, I came across Trucknet when i first thought about getting my HGV licence and have been really impressed with the amount of info and really useful advice thats on the site, has helped me loads, cheers and will let ya know how i get on next week.

All the best for your class 1. Good to hear that some of the contributions on the forum have been handy for you.

Always good to read a training diary if you’ve got time.

Pete :laughing: :laughing:

welcome bandit12
congratulations on the pass and good luck for next week

jen x

Good luck with that!

Welcome mate and well done on passing your Class 2,also good luck next week with your Class 1. :wink:

Hello, Bandit12!

Congratulations on the C pass and hopefully you’re having a ball with your C&E Training!

If this is Day 2, bet you’re also pretty tired… :cry:

Good luck and keep us posted on your progress :smiley: