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Hi there, my name is Lee and im new to this great and very informative forum :slight_smile: now then, I have not drove a truck for about 7 years, and am seriously considering getting back into it, i am currently driving trams in manchester. I know that i will need to get myself a Digicard, thinking of going with agency just to get myself back into things, what i am wandering is, how do i go about getting this CPC thing? will an agency put me through this or do i have to do it off my own back? any help would be welcome.


Why do you want to get back into it?

Im not sure really, i do feel quite excited about the idea of doing it again, i guess it’s in my blood, i prefer the road than rails :slight_smile:

If it’s something you want to do then you have got to do it but think hard about it first and read what others think about agencies before you give a good job up.If you go to an agency you will find it very hard to get any work and if you do may only be 1 or 2 days a week.

yeah, i already have thought long and hard about it :slight_smile: would it be better looking for a full time job rather than agency then? and would a haulage firm put me through this CPC? thanks.

It’s always best to have full time work but it’s hard to get a good job,some big firms will pay for your dcpc

hi lennon4080 just remember to turn the steering wheel at the corners and you will do fine, dont be put off, its circumstances that provide the work and what type it is, you may be lucky from the outset or you might not, give it a go i say. i cant help with the cpc thing sorry.

also you dont have to leave your job straight away, do a bob marley while your tramin.

lol, ok thanks for the help guys, much appreciated :slight_smile:

Why do you want to stop driving trams? Don’t you like people talking behind your back? :wink:

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Hi Lee, I don,t know what a tram driver,s wage/conditions of employment are like, but I would bet they are sure as hell better than a HGV driver today, and if it,s secure are you sure it will be a good move, anyway you will know your own mind, so good luck, (you may need it :laughing: )

Maybe better to get a job on the same LINES :laughing: :laughing: …sorry :unamused::blush:


These may be of interest as the rules changed in 2007


As for the dcpc 35 hours …

lol, well, lets just say that im sure i wont get as much trouble with whats behind me whilst driving a truck than i do with whats behind me on a Tram lol :slight_smile:

I think I understand why you want a change. I’ve just quit driving taxis and started a class 1 job. Ferrying the scum of the earth around all day ain’t no fun anymore.

Ya not wrong there muthatrucka :slight_smile:

I gave up busses / coaches to come on hgv’s, always thought trams / trains would’ve been better than busses, being seperated and all that■■?

Anyway, no panic on your dCPC, you’re ok until Sep 2014 on your grandfather rights, but must’ve completed the 35hrs by then to continue driving after that time, so no mad panic YET :smiley:

Best of luck with what you decide, I know Allied Bakeries are / were recruiting, but they employ through agency and it’s Class 2, you don’t mention which licence you have.

I’ve always found it easy to find work in Manchester with a Level D (airport security certificate) which gets plenty of work on airfreight work.
I hear a lot of horror stories, but I’ve only been out of work for about 3mths in total in the last 5yrs, and some of that was just me being picky about the job I want and had the finances to support my pickyness (I’m sure that’s a word)

i think you bloody nuts…

just have a read through these forums and have a look in the driver vacancies forum, there are rakes of drivers unemployed and its no longer 2005 where firms welcome your application with open arms and a cup of coffee. :unamused:

I got my class 1, did a load of work from man airport with agencies years ago, Servisair, UPS Haulfast etc… got to admit i miss the Haulfast one, was a nice cushy little number that :slight_smile:

Certain things have happened within the last month in my current job that makes me no longer want to work with the public, I would feel much safer with a trailer full of pallets behind me now rather than a tram full of rowdy friday night ■■■■ heads and scrotes behind me on a tram. :slight_smile:

Why do you want to stop driving trams? Don’t you like people talking behind your back? :wink:

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Hiya …welcome to truck net!!! who do i need to see for the tram job■■? we thats how it used to be
someone in the cafe would mention someone is leaving or retireing and you’d be on the phone straight
away for his job…is it really that bad on the trams… IE £6 a per hour nowhere to get any food
or have a pee…