Hello all and thanks!

hello all
i’ve been browsing the forums for a while and have found all the info very usefull indeed .took my class 2 training week before last .what a surprise that was too :open_mouth: :open_mouth: so much to take in i thought my head was going to explode !!!
was all set for test felt reasonably confident but was a little bit greedy and took a little bit to much roon on a roundabout :unamused: :unamused: so a fail on that one
was gutted and wondered about going again .however had a bit of a sulk ,couple of beers etc etc then called training school to book 4 hours following friday and test last saturday and passed :sunglasses: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
with 7 minors ,was grinning all the way home and still up in clouds !!!
going to try to get some weekend work to get a bit of experience
but as i’ve heard it’s very greasy at the bottom of the ladder :smiley:

chris c:
i’ve been browsing the forums for a while and have found all the info very usefull indeed.

Congratulations, :smiley: and welcome.

You are not the first person in the past week to have come ‘out of the closet’ and expressed their thanks for the site.

Both the staff AND the members work hard to make the site what it is, and to have that acknowledged is extremely satisfying.

Best of luck.

Well done on your test pass. Which training school did you use, was it Topgear? I went to them after a not too good experience with another school who shall remain nameless, and they were ace.

Welcome to Trucknet chris c and congratulations on the pass, it feels great doesn’t it? :wink: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:
The bottom of the ladder can be greasy but a good attitude does wonders, it doesn’t take long to get a good reputation and once that’s in place you are set. :sunglasses: :smiley:

Congratulations Chris, it’s a great feeling isn’t it, and nice to read of other people going through a similar experience at the same time.

I’m sure for many of us newbies it’s going to be tough working our way up the slippery slope but as Ladytrucker points out, i’m sure it’s very much about a good attitude.

I came into this with an open mind and In my limited experience so far I have been very plesantly surprised, both online and in the real world, at the attitude of the other (particularly artic) drivers, especially when they had obviously observed I was “on test” and gave me room or flashed me through on tight city centre roads…even my examiner was relaxed and chatty!!!

best wishes

Hi chris c welcome to TruckNet UK and
congratulations on the test pass. Also
good luck finding work :smiley:

thanks all ,hopefully when i can get to a few agencys will see if there is much about ,tried a couple today but got the same answer at both “we are very quiet at the mo but keep phoning” kinda expected that answer at this time of year.but on the positive side niether of them said anything about experience (or lack of it)!!!
i went with allroads in west bromwich mainly due to the truck they use (merc atego) and the fact that its got a straight six speed box so made training a bit less stressfull :laughing: and also after the assesment drive (free) was impressed with the instructors method of training ,he was a bit sharp on occations :angry: but taught me spot on
i also noticed during training and both tests how helpfull other trucks were
my 2nd examiner was chatting away too made me very relaxed almost forgot i was on test!!!

Welcome to Trucknet Chris C, well done with the Pass :laughing: :laughing:

well done chris c :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :sunglasses:

chris c try duncan back up dudley 01384255900 or sms chris/malcolm wednesbury ill sort number they both top agencies TRUST ME

cheers stvme2519
will give them a ring have sent my girlfriends dad on a mission to get sms number as he works in wednesbury :slight_smile:
hovis(british bakeries) are after full time drivers based in garrats green
birmingham ,salaried at 20,000 to start with
starting at 2am till finish
0121 785 3746
would have gone for it but a bit early for me!!!

dont go to garrets green bag of ■■■ mate make ya do six daysand money crap
bakeriesat west brom better i workedfor these for a bit but they only take on through agencies
try any agency in west brom
sms is in the same building as the driving test centre in wednesbury come off junction 9 when u get to petrol station it directly opposite the number is 01215056955 also try jobsworth in halesowen by mackro opposite comet store

try adam jones he after drivers it on same trading estate as mackro were jobsworth is facing comet turn up there go straight to top passed acco ull see canal turn left ull see jones yard right in front of you same yard as king norton coaches just head for were we park our coop wagons up
think heafter drivers to do local work

going to jobsworth on tue to sign up, bit of a strange place that is you walk in and have to phone up to the offices but the guy who i spoke to seemed ok ,will have a ride up to adam jones and have a word

dont bother going to jobsworth, trust me i had 2 months of crap there, they try and palm all the crap off on the new guys and expect you to travel up to telford every day… backup staff in dudley were totally different .good companies to work for and mostly local firms as well.

thanks for the tip off regarding jobsworth will be wary of them now
just trying for weekend work at the moment to get a bit of class 2 experience as still working full time during the week (van driving) so at least not stuck in all the while :smiley: