Hecksher transport/Hanbury Davies

2nd post today!!
Anybody ever do traction for either of these two companies? Or know of anybody who has and know what they’re like to pull for?
Hecksher mostly work out of Immingham and Hanbury out of Felixstowe,I think!

Hi Big Truck
How did you get on with the CPC course? I start my ADR at the end of march.

How are you getting on with your research into becoming an owner driver.

Hi Mike,
Finished the CPC course on Friday and will say that I have alot of revision to do before the exam on 5/3/04!!! :cry:
Have been pm’ing Sean (North Surrey Haulage) who started out as an O/D 14 months ago with Hanbury Davies and he’s still pulling for them and seems to be doing dead on.He has given me some very helpful advice and good pointers ref traction with HD.Small problem with moving to England is the price of house’s in the south!!! :cry: :angry: Which is why I asked about Hecksher transport who are looking for O/D’s for traction only work out of Imingham, where I think the house prices are abit more sensible!!! Only slight problem is they run Tilts and flats as well as most of the work being with Tauntliners,so I will need to train a bit on stripping tilts and roping and sheeting.One good thing is no trailer hire and the Subbies are averaging 3000KM/0.64p/KM.But HD are still looking good too because looking back over the posts including the archives HD seem to be a very good company to pull for as well as keeping you legal. I’m actually thinking about speaking to one of HD’S TM’s about coming over to drive one of the company trucks for a couple of weeks to cover drivers on holiday,just to get a feel for things and see if I could “heck” it :wink:
What about yourself how are your O/D plans going?

Hi Big Truck,

Not too good. I am trying to get the time to do some research, thinks me will have to take couple days off work so I can make calls and see people. Hopefully I will get time this week if not next.
Start my ADR course on 29th march then I think will do my CPC.

Where do Hnbury Davies operate out off?

Be grateful if you could pass on any pointers. As for tractor units I did read that the deals mercedes are offering on used units are not that great.

They have got a site Mike:


To help you with your CPC if you decide to take it,get the book : Elements of road transport management by Don Benson its distributed by CCH group LTD TEL 020 8547 3333.This is the book we where given on my course on the last day!! Includes all you need to know to pass both NAT and INTERNAT CPC as well as sample questions etc.
Ref Hanbury Davies if you e-mail Paul Andrews one of the TM,s who looks after the O/D’s he will gladly e-mail you their rate sheet and conditions of employment for O/D’s etc. :wink:

Thanks for that Have received some info from the Taygroup, will contact Hanbury Davies

How’s it goin Mike & Big Truck :slight_smile:

… really interesting reading your posts! I’ve been looking rather cautiously at buying a wagon myself. Got CPC sorted & I know there’s a lot of risks but it’s something I’ve dreamt of for years. (I know, tell me I’m bonkers!!!)

But like you said, there’s a lot of homework to do!

I used to work for a small firm who subbied for Davies Turner. They had a few O/D’s pulling for them. Don’t know what the rates were though, but the work was steady enough !

Been told insurance will cost over 5000 :open_mouth: , would that sound about right?

Yeah Marko,
If you look further down the threads on this forum for my thread “Insurance quotes for new O/D” There you’ll find my 2p’s worth :wink: