Heathrow Airport the twilight zone!

Was pointed in the direction of heathrow airport by an agency, £27k pa 4days on 2days off, varying earlies then lates, 8hour days, all airport driving, tacho exempt, all the over time you can shake a stick at at double time, home each nite moving cargo from plane to shed and shed to plane, it all sounds a bit too good to be true!!!

No, sounds about right, a few years ago i ended up working airside for a company based near heathrow, called J.A.L…it was all japanese airlines work, mind you the security wasnt as good as it is today…go for it and enjoy it…

Everytime i go on the job centre website theres always vacancies at Manchester airport driving to other airports. Would love to do this but a little bit too far and too little money (tho not bad). Just wondering why they always need drivers.

Airside work is well paid and easy. It can also be incredibly boring; that’s why there is such a high staff turnover. If you can cope with the boredom ( it’s a book readers ideal scenario) you’ll be laughin all the way to the bank.

had a call today regarding working for one the cargo companies,all my reference checks have been done and i am able to pick up my pass next week and begin work full time with them, i had almost forgotten about this as hadnt heard anything for months but in the current climate i may jsut take it, the company is menzies aviation, does anybody know much about them, i know they are big.

Menzies Aviation is one of the remaining divisions left from the old Edinburgh based John Menzies, the retail division of which was bought over by W.H.Smith. They still have the wholesale newspaper and magazine distribution division.

Being a frequent visitor to the Dominican Republic, they’ve got the airside contracts at Puerto Plata airport!! Now that would be somewhere to get a job, particularly if they were paying you UK rates!!

I got my golden ticket to work at the airport, its blue actually, start full time this coming tuesday, should be good steady regular work.

Just remember that aeroplanes are very fragile. You only have to touch one and it has to go out of service so the airlines get pretty peed off.

Just remember that aeroplanes are very fragile. You only have to touch one and it has to go out of service so the airlines get pretty peed off.

And very rapidly so do you!!! :laughing:

A diary on this job at some point would be nice.


i will get one started

i will get one started

wil you be getting pictures?

just be careful around the airport taking pictures airside! you dont want to end up being held for 42 days, do you? clear it with the boss first

well started yesterday, so far there has been alot of paper work and dvd watching, learing rules and regs of airport driving and theres lots, they have their own points system on their airside driving permits, too many and your out!!! not alot to report so far as mostly been class room or sitting in tea room waiting for nothing, there seems to be alot of that with the regulars, one thing struck me as strange so far,any incident however minor you may think it is MUST BE REPORTED! when i look at the trucks some 08 they are battered as if they have hit everything in site,surely i thought they cant all be incidents that have been reported or there would be nobody driving,baffled, i suppose time will tell, medical tommorow then a 50 question exam on the rules that requires a 95% pass :unamused:
as always you start one thing then everybody rings to say they have a job if still interested,one being goldstar heathrow,anybody know what they are like,i see their trucks all the time here as they are just down the road from home, mostly mercs.