Heart fix may be possible!

I have to write my new Will this week according to my doctor.
This Friday coming I am having heart micro surgery where via a main artery in the groin they are sending in the camera a laser and a grab to remove a lump of muscle from my left Ventricle after they have stopped my heart !!! ( i have to agree to them killing me temporary). When done the heart is restarted (bloody hopefully!) and all the kit is removed I am free to go home 12 hours later. If the tests on the minute piece of muscle they have removed conclude what he thinks I am due to start on a modified Interferon type drug costing the NHS a fortune (£1200) every week till I die ( finally i get something from this ■■■■ govt)
Or if its not his number one guess I may be joining a trial of gene therapy , which involves injections of modified genes into the heart, which does not sound good to me, but cheap at about £4k for the course)

The odds of not getting through all this is about 100-1 on average, but as until two years ago i was fit and healthy and only just fifty my chances are lots better I have been told by the Professor.

So if after next Friday i stop posting you know why…and even with the missus being a doctor and trying to allieviate my fears I am terrified .

However NOW the good new !
My Professor, who is the most senior in the UK about my condition says if all goes well i should be able to lead a near normal life and regain a reasonable level of fitness if his first guess is right (at present one flight of stairs near kills me ) , so in his opinion its possible i could get my licences back in the future.

If I dont make it, well …keep on taking the ■■■■ out of those that deserve it and please have a glass or two for me.

Good luck!

Rather spend £1200 aweek on a brit than 12 pence on a illegal immigrant. Good luck :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

■■ :open_mouth: Good luck fella … by the way you can pm me for my details to add to your will just so the Mrs don’t try an pull a fast one :laughing:

No in all seriousness good luck fella…

All The Best Of Luck for Friday , 3 wheeler. :slight_smile: :question:

Dont be away from TNUK for too long. Once you start chasing those nubile nurses around the Wards,...... ......thats when the Doctors decide to send you home. :smiley: :smiley:


Cheers , cattle wagon man.

Will they bump restart or run you to restart . Seriously good luck mate,you will be fine.
Cheers Dave.

Dave the Renegade:
Will they bump restart or run you to restart . Seriously good luck mate,you will be fine.
Cheers Dave.

“Bump”. With the paddles as the heart has to be stationery for the laser and other gubbins to do their job I believe. But I may be wrong , the info sort of bypassed the brain …in one ear out the other as I think I was having a bit of trouble taking it in at that point…It was and still is sort of Scary .

Ull be fine 3 wheeler, good luck and we’ll see you back on here real soon.

Good luck 3 wheeler, I hope all goes well for you.

Good Luck Mate.

Make sure that your Battery is fully charged & your starter motor is connected properly :wink: