Health and Safety

Does anyone else feel that health and safety has gone over the top…

Completely and absolutely…CRAZY… :imp: :imp:

Thats an understatement. I used to be involved with Health & Safety (H&S Rep)
Got to risk assess your paperwork these days to minimise getting a papercut :laughing:

Most of it is actually idiot rules put in place by the insurance company to get the company discounts. It’s not health and safety, it’s cheapskate companies trying to afford insurance. Thus sayeth the HSE.

I do.
Who is it that wants to keep us all alive?
And who told them to do it? I didn’t ,that’s for sure.

Death happens. Accidents happen. That’s what you get for being born.
There’s far too many people on this planet, far too many drugs making us better, far too much being spent on the NHS, far too much being spent on AIDs
research, (let AIDs do it’s job, that’s what it’s there for)
Stop warning us about killer food additives, stop trying to cut obeseity, let us jump on and off moving Routemasters, ban hard hats (they’re very uncomfortable anyway), ban hi-viz, ban steel toe-caps, ban ABS and air-bags,
ban human-rights activists and lawyers.

Radio 2 news said today that 70% don’t want to fund green policies/taxes.
70% reckon that environmental charges are all about collecting more tax.
I reckon they’re right.

It’s a load of boloxnia (sorry alex)

This rant isn’t over yet!

I disagree that its the HSE or Insurance companies, to be honest.

In a prior life part of my job was implementing new policies nationwide in a big blue chip company.

This involved a lot of implementing H&S Policies (as they always like new ones)

They are given a budget and instead of looking at ways to improve everyones safety they simply look for as many ways to spend their share as possible.

One of their big things was that everyone who was issued with a laptop…was never, ever allowed to use it on their lap, only ever on a desk, and you had to issue them with a special tilting stand so their hands didnt hurt, and a gel cushion to rest their wrists on.

If they actually used all the equipment given the laptop was no longer portable, and anyone caught by H&S not using it would have their laptop revoked.

I really just feel its where they shoved all the militant union reps, stripped of their power they went into H&S and started to make everyones lives awkward.

I’ll wear steelies, use gloves and hand my keys in if asked - but beyond that as soon as I’m out of sight from the gatehouse I’ll act how I rudddy well want!


What I dont understand is why H & S doesn’t apply in company crappers. How many times have you found, no arse paper, arse paper like tracing paper, or worse still, arse paper thats so thin it wont stand up to the job in hand :open_mouth: then you find the hot tap doesn’t work, there’s no towel or the hand drier doesn’t work :angry: So you nip into the management crappers, get the business done, and nip out before anyone notices. The difference between the management crappers is ‘marked’, they usually smell like a poofs parlour, nice arse paper (have they more delicate backsides?), hot water, and towels. Since the management are the [zb]'s in charge of H & S, this is hardly surprising. Sorry if anyone thinks this isn’t a H & S issue, but I think it is. After all the jobs only complete when the paper work is done.


PS Just to keep the record straight, I’ve never been into a poofs parlour - honest :exclamation:

^^^^ :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Does anyone else feel that health and safety has gone over the top…

YES :exclamation:

Yes again. Mostly by unpopular untrained unintelligent beings that are too thick to do a proper job.

2 months ago we had a one day H&S training course (which could have been done in 2 hours), part of it was…
We had to go to the canteen to be shown how to use a kettle, microwave and toaster safely.
No joke.
We (8 of us) got into the canteen, looked at each other in disbelief, I was the first one to say f*ck this and I walked back to the training room, the others followed, left the training guy stood there.

Yes, H&S has gone a wee bit OTT.

Claim culture has also gone OTT.

Life is a balance; if people stopped making such a fuss (and claims) over the slightest thing, then companies wouldn’t have to focus so hard on implementing such restrictive H&S rules/regs.

End result; if people/drivers would stop doing stupid (and dangerous) things i.e. pulling trailers off loading bays with red lights, then companies wouldn’t need to put PITA measures in place such as handing in your keys when on a bay.

Just because you don’t do such stupid/dangerous things, doesn’t mean that it hasn’t been done by someone somewhere. The company don’t know who, where or when it will it happen next and so, have to take the precautionary measures that affect us all.

Still a PITA though. :unamused:

yes H&S as gone over the top!!

mostly cos of the claim for this and claim for that problem, however I was H&S rep at a previous workplace which had several depts, each dept used the H&S leg for defending the jobs they did! maintenace used it as everyone used to change lightbulbs be it in a ceiling fitting or a desklamp, due to a few cuts some maintenace work was outsourced leaving maintenance guys a little worried over their jobs so they went down the road of stopping anyone doing any little job like the above, you could not even use glue as you were not solvent trained,

accidents will always happen and certain measures need to be put into place to try and stop them, but in my opinion H&S are concentrating on the smaller issues and not looking at the major dangers…

I had a delivery in France last week. It took me 10 minutes to find the place on the industrial estate. It then took 25 minutes to be inducted and then 5 minutes waiting for a bay.

I had to reverse on the bay, chock the wheels, remove the red airline, hand in the keys, wear a hi viz, stay out of the warehouse, couldnt drink or eat on site, so I went for a coffee over the road. Half an hour later the trailer next to me moved off, another one took its place. then that one moved off. So against all rules I went inside to find out why I wasnt being tipped :confused:

I was then shown a photo of the company site in England with a trailer on a bay, landing legs in the air and the back of the chassis touching the ground. Inside the trailer was a very large forklift with a paper reel clamp and a paper reel in its jaws :smiley: The fork lift probably weighed 9 tonne and the paper another 2 tonne.

They couldnt tip me because I didnt have rear landing legs on the trailer. I had to put ferry jacks under the chassis at the back too :open_mouth:

They are teaching me H&S, I learnt this the first time I sat on a seesaw with my dad :smiley:

They are making their own problems when they make you disconnect an air line as the brakes and suspension need a supply to work properly

i find hse will only mean we have to do it, i think of it more as giving someone a job

Yes jobs for the idle that is Health and Safety :unamused:

Health and safety is completely crazy

whats next a actros mega space, renault magnum and all the other top motors, drivers will need a safety harness to get in and abseilling lessons to get out

I am my own H&S person(cant say man as it might be sexist)When at the side of the road I am meant to there and then fill out a form ticking boxes and writing in self awareness and road trafic safety :unamused:

It is a real shame that the Health and Safety issue has been made into some kind of a joke by ridiculous regulations. At its core, HS is needed to combat the liberties taken by far too many employers.

I have worked at places where HS almost didn’t exist. Firms not supplying basic kit such as steels, allowing untrained staff to operate fork lift trucks, stacking heavy loose boxes 6 levels up on the racking, not replacing damaged racking supports that have been damaged by the aforesaid untrained fork lift truck pilots, over-loading vehicles, not keeping proper tacho records etc.

Best of all was a company, now no longer in existence, where the owner appointed his brother to be the Transport Manager … and the guy couldn’t even drive!

Health & Safety is necessary as it at least tries to keep dodgy employers in line, and gives us a chance to have a ‘claim up’ if things go pear shaped due to company negligence.

The days have long gone when employers actually had any respect for the people who work for them … now we are just ‘hired hands’ who are expected to bend over and pukker-up whenever it is demanded.

H&S is a double edged sword,
you have general rules/guidelines to follow that the wagon your driving is safe
you sign that it is safe evrey day is it :question:
depending on work your employed in you may have,
A risk assesments
B method statements
if you hurt yourself /otheirs while doing it by the book youre ok
if you hurt/kill someone ignoring the rules youre going to jail.
today i refused to move to another part of the site until they made it safe.
and they did after 2 hours ,but the rules go 2 ways
im not killing anyone just to keep a job .
and for all there h&s they still wanted me to move NO :laughing:
sort the ground out then il move .