Health and Safety (again)

I would get on my soapbox again but have been banned because I wont wear a safety harness :stuck_out_tongue:

Its a long story and I cant remember breaking any mirrors or decapitating black Cats.

Monday morning a steady days job, load Northampton and down to Western Docks for clearance. On Tuesday I just did a quick local in Belgium and continued on my way to Geneve.

After about a 20 minute delay at the French Border I reached Swiss Customs and was on my way withiin the hour.

I arrived at my customer and reported to the goods inward office and they told me where to park up. The Swiss punctuality is spot on and within the promised 2 minutes the QC guy was there with full mountaineering harness, boots and leather gloves, hard hat and a face mask. He had some sample bottles in his pockets and after getiing helped iinto the harness, he then climbed up my tank ladder.

The QC guy opened the man lid and immediately dropped one of the securing bolts / clamps into the product. He took the samples and came back with a wire rod with a hook on the end.

After an Hour, the QC boss came out and said that I had to take the load back as it was not good quality. I suggested that it was his oppo who had dropped a part of my tank inside and that he had been fishing with a wire rod. A lot of phone calls later with some paperwork in my hand I set off back to the border after stopping outside the factory on the road to fasten my manlid properly.

Now anyone who has done Swiss will understand that you cannot just turn up at the border with contaminated or damaged goods and expect to be home for tea :stuck_out_tongue:

27 hours later I finally got my exit stamp and a cheery Au Revoir. The problem is caused entirely by a most stupid H & S rule that prohibits the driver of a tank to operate his own vehicle in a safe manner. Instead they send a monkey who is trained to wear a harness but should not be allowed outdoors without his parents. Cheers mate you ruined my week as my holiday was delayed till this evening.

There was till lots of arguing between the customers about who would pay for the return trip. The demurrage and worse still the 25,000CHF bond that had to be paid to guarantee the T1

hi wheel nut . having done swiss and a few years ago i had a problem in the exhibition centre in geneva at the motorshow , what a complete mess it was . i broke a finger during unloading so h and s got involved as well , im with you on this one .