HDNL to close 6 depots

Newcastle (1man and 2man out base)


Every day brings more bad news, this is beginning to look more like a depression than a recession. I’ve never known things to be this bad even in the last two recessions. I sympathise with the drivers and others who are being laid off. I hope something turns up for them.

I was given the briefing yesterday. We, at Lincoln, are waiting to see how that will impact on us with areas being reallocated.

In the case of Burslem and Sheffield , most of the drivers will transfer to Stoke and Chesterfield. Im not too familiar with other areas.

it s sad to ear that more driver are out of work good luck getting a new job lads

i know the local hdnl depot to me is unlikely to close as it pretty much covers the east coast north of edinburgh, i used to work their aswell

but not good for us already trying to get a job.

Aren’t they shutting down depots where there is overlap since the takeover of Salvo’s?

I used to work for them before my lucky break in using my hgv license and even then they were looking at going to the wall. Spent millions merging business express and reality and it never really made money since. I was ready to leave after they doubled amount of work for no extra pay on bigger rounds and two years ago they were laying lads off in notts depot then! There were some bloody good lads there to I hope they’re gonna be ok in the long run as notts was always one on the possible list for being closed :frowning:

see i dont know how you never got paid more, mayby it was different at diff depots but we got paid by the parcel, good 6-700 a week was possible and you could be back in your house by half 4 everyday

see i dont know how you never got paid more, mayby it was different at diff depots but we got paid by the parcel, good 6-700 a week was possible and you could be back in your house by half 4 everyday

Because we got shafted by the union “apparently”. A lot of depots got a good pay rise to come in line with us, and we were asking for a similar rise % wise but got told no. I was doing 160 parcels(mostly single drops) for £70 a day. Before the merge I was doing 80-100 on less than half the area and getting paid £65-70 a day :unamused: To earn the money you are talking of I would of needed to do about 240 parcels a day :laughing: My round was so big and so few multi drops I struggled like mad and ran non stop from 7am to 5pm and hated every minute of it I came close to depression seeing as I had paid for class 2 and couldnt get any work! I got lucky with a job at my Dad’s place on 7.5 tonner and then 18-26 tonner and now am class one so I am soo glad I left when I did now. Good lads but absolutely awful job :imp:

wow you did get shafted,

we got 70 for turning up and to do our 10 hour target whichtbh can be done in 5 hours easy.on most routes, i thinkt here was a few highland routes that everyone wanted but hated, 50 drops a day usually but you got like a fiver for every parcel over 50 lol

plus i was one of the senior drivers (weird being that i was also the youngest) so i got more than the route drivers and i even got the same route for 2 months, lots of multi drops. biggest drop consisted of 30 parcels lol i made sure i took that one without them knowing.
i averaged about 450 a week though which for driving a van is good.well at my age. when i got the 800 after tax i just stood in shock and said to the lassie in the office i think youve made a mistake - 800 for 6 days work i had done the catalouges the saturday before and took out like 650 of them lol.

yea we had a good union and the drivers did stick by each other no matter and our union guy took no … from anybody.though he had a {zb} of a route, st andrews area but 90% of his run was the university i used to cringe when given that route. i even got left st andys on its own, 70 parcels and i struggled from 7am till 7pm doing it.

if your not bothered about working your bum off and not taking breaks every just to get home quicker and jumping folks fences etc then its a good lil money earner. i made like 13k in the 3 and a bit months i was there lol


700 jobs going :frowning: :frowning:

thats not a good thing, 700 more folk out of work, most of them drivers aswell, we only had 8 staff during the day who wernt drivers, and 60+ drivers