Have I got this right??

Evening gentlemen and gentle ladies. Never had to reduce by 24hours before and wanted to run this by you.
I had a full 45hr rest last weekend. Started Monday and will finish early Saturday morning.
Can I then take a reduced weekly rest of 24 hours, start back Sunday morning and work through to Friday? I’m off for 4 days after so I will pay back the hours I owe then? In my mind it’s fine but just wanted some clarification!

I have plenty of drive time/working hours so won’t be a problem with that.


Yeah that’s fine buddy

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Crack on drive.

Yes you can do that but remember the “lost” time needs to be made back.
If you take, say, 27 hours rest then the other 18 hours needs to be made up by the end of week 3


If im wrong, im sure someone will be along to correct me soon enough!

What you want to do is perfectly legal.

As you’re working 6 shifts don’t forget to check that there’s no more than six 24 hour periods (144 hours) between weekly rest periods.

Yes you can do that but remember the “lost” time needs to be made back.

He’s having 4 days off at the end of next week so the compensation will be paid back then.

Cheers lads, I was certain I was correct but still nice to get clarification.
I’ll fall short of the 144hrs tachograph but something to remember!
Again thanks all.