Hauliers in the Scottish Borders

It seems that just about every other area in Britain has a thread going about its transport companies, so now it’s time for the Scottish Borders to gave a go as well. It isn’t/ wasn’t an area that was heavy on industry, and the infrastructure was never up to much but there were a few companies running over the years.
On the East coast there was and still is Drysdales, I was tempted to add Simpsons Bulk but they’re in Berwick, Loads of companies round Kelso, Olivers, springs to mind as well as loads of guys hauling farm produce, Gold of Green law, Campbells of Oxtown, Bill Dodds ran some F12’s out of Galashiels, I Had my Globetrotter and F7 on tanks. My father ran 9 trucks from there in the 70’s and 80’s, Jimmy Cockran was in charge of Chirnside haulage and Cargo International, Snowie ran round wood and farm stuff, Christian Salevsen had some trucks out of Hawick. Edinburgh Wollen Mills. Dawson International, who were Pringles knit ware, Jim Paxton in Hawich. Davidson of Mount Hooly who tried to take on Ralph Davis. There were some Westerman draw bars based in Earlstone, Hislop and Pat Laing. I’m sure there were many more and someone must have photos.


I can remember two Johnson’s from Berwick. There was one from Ancroft ran a few Mercs in cream and maroon and did a fair bit livestock. Then there was another Johnson from the same area ran Scanias .Did a lot of fridge work onto the continent from the JusRol factory. My late sister was friendly with the girl in the office.
Youngs ( R&W ■■) came from Yetholm, mostly livestock. Waggons were cream / green. Amongst others they had a Constructor 8 wheeler with a double deck cattle box and did a lot for Johnny Thornton a cattle dealer from Chester le Street.
I seem to recall an agricultural chemical company from Jedburgh ( I think ) had a few black Leylands. Bisons and Constructor 6 all with sleeper cabs.
I will have delve deep into the memory banks but I am sure there will be plenty more.

Gold’s must have hauled thousand’s of tons of straw into Galloway over the years with the Merc’s you could have put the kettle on for them coming through the Dumfries bye-pass in the morning and always tidy well secured loads. Eddie.

hi jelliot, here is afew photos from my collection to get you started, bumper

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Tipping at Stan Dawsons 8.00am, Tipped in a flash & away, No hanging about a Stans, Regards Larry.

I remember Thomas Bell of Galashiels, Johnny Rutherford Berwick, P A Laing Bonchester Bridge, John M Young, Redpath of Wooler.

Well you can’t get any more Scottish Borders than a truck with “Scottish Borders” written across the front.
I remember Tom Bell very well, he had a load of Scania light’s from 80’s to 112’s. If I remember right he also had a 111. He used to have a place up on top of the hill at Balmoral then moved to the old tip at Easter Langlea.
I wasn’t going to do the English side, but why not, as you mentioned there was Border Traffic, Redpath of Wooler, Simpsons Bulk, and there seemed to be loads of farmers sons with an old Daf and grain tipper. There was also Westcumerland Farmers, I should have remembered them as I used to work for them. There was also a cattle and sheep mob out of Kirk Yetholm, I think they were some kind of Oliver as well, but different to the blue and white Oliver.


Whatever happened to A&R Gold of Greenlaw ? .

Sorry about that Tyneside it was Young of Kirk Yetholm not Oliver. I recall a few trucks running out of Kelso up on the industrial estate on top of the hill. And of course I forget Black Bob ( Hugh Mitchel ) with his one time fleet of Black and gold ERF’s now running Scania’s. Redpath of St Boswells which is differant to Redpath of Wooler. I think Voss had trucks stationed at Meanetti the plastic factory in Jedburgh. Davie Diog had a 142 that was subbing for Reg Drysdale at the same time I was.


Young, another fine cattleman