harris road services

i remember them having 3 depots manchester,northwich,shotton steel works there were one of the first haulage companys that brought coil to us up here at wards malton then tdg who owned them changed the name to nexus logistics and ran like that for a fair while then i believe tdg sold it all to concentrate on there dutch side of the business .

my dad ,grandad & uncle all worked at northwich,i even did my work’s experience there(a 80’s job try thing),my dad was on the mars slough job,my grandad on ici ash tank’s,and my uncle was auto electrician ,jack richard’s are in there yard now.

How wierd is this, only 2 weeks ago i was speaking to someone and trying to trace HRS to current day if included being bought out by Nexus,TDG etc

I worked it out as follows

Harris Road Services
Harris Logistics
Nexus Logistics
Beck and Politzer

I do think ive missed a couple out though, im sure they weree know as either TDG Harris or TDG Nexus first…

I remember a driver who lived at Darlington drove for them, he had a Bedford TK Box Van, I cant bring his name to mind though, I think he used to carry Mars Bars. This was the 50/60s, he often used to call in at Lawsons Cafe Londonderry, Regards Larry

the mars job was a long running contract(30 odd years),the tk’s were on shop deliveries,the artics brought it in from mars in slough ,massive oufit in the 70’s & 80’s.

they had the Early Learning Centre work towards the end IIRC

They took over A.M.Walkers cosby, leicester. And had a depot in the early 90s at Walkers old yard on cambridge rd cosby, which is now a housing estate. They re-sprayed a lot of walkers F7s in the Harris livery…