Does anybody have any idea what this firm is like based at eshwinning,wages ,nights away etc, ?

I will be honest in admitting that i have never worked for them.
Also cant believe everything on here, gotta be brave and make your own mind up


ive never worked for them myself,but i know a fair few that av & going by what they say i’d keep away.


being a tipper driver myself and knowing what there work consists of and the rates they pay i wouldnt touch them but thats my personal feelings, good luck if you go an dget a start

they seem to have had some serious money pumped into them with moving into stillers old place and taking on the tanker job, and i overtake them on a daily basis now, unheard of last year

my gaffer used to do work for hargreaves but in recent years the rates have been on a downward spiral but wanting the work done at supersonic speed, boss now dosent do any work for them

im on tippers and they havent got a good reputation there is not any set wage they are all on different money ie days trampers etc etc.if you are going to subbie for them dont bother gaffer got offered work from near coalville to ferrybridge £5,75 a ton,crackinging rate lol lol

lol,dont think i’ll bother then,cheers for all the info :slight_smile:

lol,dont think i’ll bother then,cheers for all the info :slight_smile:

Saying that
I’ve had a mate on for them for about 15 years (I thinks he may be on one of the 'differring pay regimes mind)
My advise would be
If you’ve got no work at the moment, give it a go, but give it a real go. Tipper work is different to anything else, and Hargreaves etc is true ‘Woolworths haulage’
As an ex bulk haulier I know that there’s some that can do it, some that do it and love it, and some that will never be a ‘tipper driver’ as long as the sun rises in the morning. Some though, give in far to early as their mates take the pee, the work is hard, but if you’re prepared to do it, the rewards are often good. If you do decide to give it a go, give yourself at least a month, to learn the job, as like any other job, it takes a while to suss out the different routines etc
Good luck
in whatever you decide to do