Hanbury Davies advice please

A mate of mine is bored with Viamaster’s not giving him his promised nights out (same reason I left) and as they do a lot of Jacuzzi work he sees Hanbury Davies in there every day too and is wondering whether the grass is greener.

Where is their depot for this contract, what’s the money like, tackle like and will he get 3-4 night outs per week :question: Not interested in the box side.

He’s aware you don’t get to go any faster than 50mph already and is happy with that.

Sorry rob thought I might be able to help but I’m a subbie on the boxes.
I shall ask around next week for you.

I was talking to a bloke in Alconbury last year Rob, he was on tauts for them, and was moaning that the boxes were better. Now, he might have been a subbie, its been a while back and I cant rightly remember. I know he didnt like it, and was running out of Essex area I think. They also run up to Great Bear at Fradley. Cant be any real help soz!


If he was running out of essex it is highly likely it would have been from pfe at cheslmford.

a lad left our place for hd,met him 6 month later in birch,says he enjoys it money was good out all week .they are at dony,but its box work


Ted Glenn on here works for them on containers tho, i did some container work for them, money was ok £400ish in the bank for 4 nights out, all decent kit, but that could be different on the general work.
They do try and lay down the Hanbury Law to al there drivers mind, there are alot of do’s and dont’s, but other than that they seemed ok.

Yes I do, but maybe not for much longer, green grass? I don’t think so…

Im starting back on the containers at the end of the month, im going on with Brian Rayner up here in Frome.