Hallam freight ltd

Anyone worked for these or know anything
about them - hallamfreight.co.uk/

as far as i know they run two wagons an artic n a rigid plus do a bit of freight forwarding, they advertising?

I spoke to a woman from there who said
they have got 2 big contracts. 1 for something
rack at kilnhurst and the 2nd I cannot remember
the name. She said its increased the business
by 40 to 50%. Its £8 something an hour, £25 night
out money. They have hired some daf cf’s and volvos.
Drops range from 4 to 6 but its long runs. I dont know
how many drivers they wont but they took someone on
who hit that bridge on brightside lane in sheffield last
week I think she said.

Well if you fancied a job there Convoy, you may as well forget it now after posting that! :laughing: :laughing: Doh.

It dont matter rob as Its not my first choice
and I think they want someone with experience
but I had nothing to lose so applied anyway incase
this other job falls through.

I dont think there as been many apply so far as I dont
think they have advertised.

Some more info -
I think the kilnhurst contract is for ready rack.
They buy your maps.
If you are empty they dont want you parking in truck stops
or the services.

I was in there weds/thurs this week on agy
seems they are doing extra work as they have got a couple of extra trucks on hire.
most of the work is freight forwarding, but they also do haulage for local companies, inc:
Price check toiletries sheffield (off the arena Sq heading towards hillsbro B4 the bridge)
a foam panel Co based at the Waleswood ind est.
and redirack…as I did a shunt back to the yard late thurs from there

Tbh with my experience of em, theres a lot of pushy and on your back phone calls, (where are you, whats happening) on thursday at 6am I picked up my unit MAN auto :unamused: found that it wasnt fueled, the R/H headlight bulb was blown, and when I mentioned it, the reply was "dont worry about the headlight, it will be light in an hour" :unamused:
the unit I had on weds (merc etp g/box) was on 1/4 tank when I picked it up (duel tanks…phew). the security bod (IQ of 2) hadn`t got a clue what I was there for, or where I was going (no supprise) I headed of to the W.Mids & brum and ended up doing 14.5hrs due to several errors with the load/paperwork
I was phoned up by them/her and given some grief over the knock on delays caused by the manifest errors
I finally sussed out the fuel situation, and filled up on rtn ready for me to use it thurs, only to be given the MAN :imp:

Would I work there again…Mebbe, but only if I was desperate, and only on the agy

. I dont know
how many drivers they wont but they took someone on
who hit that bridge on brightside lane in sheffield last
week I think she said.

theyve had 3-4 bridge strikes in the last few weeks, when I did the shunt to pricecheck, I was told that I must go via the "cliffe" they obviously dont know that already knew about the bridges in the area.

tbh, I think its the newbe agy blokes who did the bridge strikes