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Hi joined the forum yesterday, i have always had an interest in the lorries operated Hall & Co Ltd, this
stems from when i was about 9 years old and mad on lorries Hall & Co ran out of a pit at Camps Heath
Oulton Broad Suffolk, the lorries were mostly Guy Warriors and a couple of Bedford tippers, this pit also
had a concrete batching plant this was operated by Hall & Ham Concrete Ltd they had about 4 Guy
Warriors, 1 Dodge 6 wheeler, and 1 Leyland Comet 4 wheeler, occasionally a Leyland Octopus and a
Bedford artic with a Neville Dump trailer would operate from there as well, i believe these came from
Halls pit at Hommersfield near Bungay in Suffolk.
Halls operated from Camps Heath from about 1964 till 68 when after the take over by RMC it closed,the
batching plant was removed in 1977 and reasembled at the Cantley sugar factory near Norwich where a
large reconstruction job was in progress,i hope this little bit of information will be of some interest i have
have enjoyed reading all the comments and the geat photos.

One here from transportphotos.com/road/photos (Bob Hobbs collection)
DAF 85 taken in 1999
DAF 85 Halls Aggregates RH00796.jpg

Anyone still around who drove tippers for Hall&Co. out of Willow Lane ,Mitcham? A very varied job,everything from cement to fly ash out of Battersea Power Station.I drove an Octopus with “greedy boards” on the body to carry fly ash as it was very light and in the cend,most of it finished up as a base for the M4.Hope there care some of the drivers left.Regards to all,900X20.

my late dad drove for hall aggregates, out of redhill and his transport manager at the time was a man called alan noakes, and he started driving for hall & co in 1959 out of croydon.i spoke to him before xmas08.

Hello all, my brother used to drive a Leyland Octupus for Hall & Co I think he was based in Woking or close by. His name was Mick Hellawell and it would have been in the mid sixties.Anyone remember him?

Hello Traniht. Yes I knew Mick Hellawell quite well.Big guy.Lovely man.Now lives on the Isle of Wight I think.■■■■ good worker.Nothing like his shiftless brother who had a job to get out of bed in the mornings.I drove for Hall and Co in Horsham in1959.Only for a short while.The money was not very good :laughing: :laughing:

my late dad used to drive for them back in 1963 big j guy and 8 wheel foden cement mixer at willow lane,wish i had some photo>s

Hi 900x20
Is this the Hall & co you are on abou
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A Couple more here
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They had a gravel pit at Padworth just down from the oil terminal. It was running as Harleyford Gravels a couple of years ago after Cemex disposed of it. The Hall name’s disappeared into Wolseleys “centres” such as Builder Centre, Pipe Centre, Electrical Centre, (very imaginitive naming)

Yep,they’re the ones.I was at the Mitcham Depot and had a Guy Warrior,Fleet No.3609,reg:936AVB then graduated to an Octopus,I think it was UOY 905 or thereabouts.We did a lot of Fly Ash out of Battersea Power Station to Wraysbury until they found out it was ideal for the construction of the M4,then we tipped it at the Sipsons Lane part they were building at the time.
Many thanks for the photos,they brought back memories.All the best,900X20. :smiley:

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Photos,can’t fault them.Many thanks.We had a Bulk Cement Albion, like the one in the photo, at the Mitcham Depot bringing cement from Blue Circle,Fulham to Surecrete at the top of Willow Lane for the readymix plant there.The TK has a boat body and it looks like a Croydon lorry,they were used as tippers or ready mixed concrete carriers.Thanks again for the photos,regards,900x20. :laughing:


My dad used to drive for hall and co out of woking depot him name is Maurice Tombs (Mole) if you remember him then please contact as I am sure he would love to hear from you all.