Half way there!

Hi all,

A little update on the training…

So, I’ve done all my theory tests this week and passed with flying colours (Sort of)…

Driver CPC - 48/50
Multiple Choice 96/100
Hazard Perception 68/100 (Passed by 1 mark, oops!!)

I have my Practical tests next week after an intensive course down in Wolverhampton. Thankfully the company I will work for from the 22nd August are paying for me to stay over rather than driving there from near preston every day. Nice touch. Or, too much money. one or the other.

What should I expect? Is there any tips you experienced guys can give me?


No tips or advice for you, but good luck, I’m also doing my class c next week too.

Cheers mate.

Good luck with yours!!!

Listen, listen and listen some more to everything your instructor tells you. If in any doubt ask. Remember to do everything in good time ie on approach to junction that requires you to slow down. Remember your longer, higher, wider and heavier. Try taking calms to help with nerves. And good luck to you both

Take it slow at junctions, give yourself plenty of thinking time, there’s no rush.

Mirrors, mirrors and more mirrors, and remember to check your right blind spot (over your shoulder) when pulling away from stationary.

Remember also that you have a long tail which will take the lazy route going round corners. Go wide and deep to give it room to cut in without hitting the kerb.

But most of all, enjoy yourself. It’s a great buzz to be in control of an HGV - sometimes scary too, but good fun.

Good luck to you!

Best of luck mate just be cool on the day , exameners dont approve of nervous