Had the Interview,have a laugh at this!

Hi everyone,I really do wonder at times how on earth these pathetic employers get drivers to work for them.On Tuesday,I had an interview for a shunting job.This was the package that was offered to me.Now,would any of you accept this,thats what I want to know.

60 hours a week,on days 6am til 6pm,monday to Friday.No hourly rate.£310 basic,a £90 Shunting bonus which you lose should you just as much as scratch a trailer! £40 per week attendance bonus,which again you lose should you need to take a day off. :frowning: .They are generous enough to offer a £15 per day TAX Free meal allowance though,making a grand total of £455 for a 60 Hour week.This I should add is for a site in North London.Who are they trying to kid.

And,if you haven’t had enough after a 60 hour week,you can earn £100 for a 10 hour shift on a Saturday,and £120 for a Sunday.The woman interviewing me assured me that it is a dead easy job,and to take a good book,or have a sleep between moving trailers,as it takes them a while to get round to loading/tipping them.What do you reckon? Is it a good screw,and the chance to watch t.v all day?There is also a subsidised canteen on sight,and the shunters sometimes cover each other while one has an early day.The unit in question is a Y plated Man TGA,some with and some without a radio.So,needless to say I’m a bit lost on this one.Some people have said to me ,‘take it,as you will be home every night with the missus’.If I do,I won’t have to commute a 62 mile per day round trip to work,in rush hour.What would you do,and MOP AND BUCKET TONY,I know what you would do mate! :laughing:

I done shunting for several company’s in my local area.
to me the job does not sound bad except for the penalty’s if you damage the trailers.
in my experience you have got to like shunting to do it full time as it could be a pain of a job in bad weather.
when i done shunting in my last job (for a crap company) i was paid £6:30p
per hour for 40 hours then time and half the job was good but the new bosses are a bunch of -------s

shunters ot our depot used to do 12 hour shifts

5am - 5pm
400 basic

  • 95 Shift allowance
  • 300 for o/t
  • 180 for saturday
  • 240 for sunday
    we used to have to fight for the job when they went on hols

now is 9 hour shifts cos them upstairs cottoned on that the shunters were earning more than them :wink:

It depends what you want from your job. Some people enjoy it. I don’t mind shunting to be honest; it makes a change and it sure turns you into a pro when it comes to reversing. If you have the right attitude you also make a lot of friends doing it I found, primarily with the other drivers, obviously.

I couldn’t do the job full time however. I like to get out and about.

The money isn’t that bad in my opinion, but I’m not fully clued up on the going rates for shunters in London.

I would be wary of the “no damage” bonus. That’s a prime recipe for heated “you dented it/no I didn’t” arguments with your gaffer.