Had a bump in lorry

right people need some advise on this i had a accident in my lorry this week the accident was put down as might fault which isnt a issue the car will be written off due to age etc the people in the car where checked at the scene and all was ok and they drove away and where checked again by doctors next day and again all was well today i recoeved a letter from a solicator statting they will be claiming for losses the solictors so far do not know what the losses will be yet now the letter states there insurance is with saga yet the insurance details i was given by the police at the scene was for aviva also the letter doesnt have my name on it just my address

am i missing summit here should i be worried etc never been in this situation before

Pass everything to your insurance company. Don’t answer anything from anyone. It’ll be a speculative company for the other party trying to claim for everything including whip lash etc.

Regardless of what people’s opinions are on witness cameras it is situations like this where they can come in handy.
I have been a Transport Manager and Logistical Manager and in both jobs I have had so many occasions where this has raised it’s ugly head. I work in an industry now where I work along side Fleet/Transport/Logistics Managers and almost daily I get a call to say that they have been saved by cameras.