Hacksaw ridge movie

Went to see it today, highly recommend it to anybody who likes factual war films.
Anybody else seen it?
If so what do you reckon?

I normally fall asleep through films but this one kept me hooked till the credits.
Great film.

I saw it, brilliant film, rats chewing on the maggots on the dead bodies, the film was a bit like Saving Private Ryan and the Glint Eastwood Heartbreak Ridge .
If you are squeamish and don’t like blood and guts, then this film is not for you .
Another good one was Lion with Dev Pattel, from Slumdog Millionaire, in Lion , he is lost, very good film with Nicole Kidman .

watched it, enjoyed it. bloody brutal.

that about covers it :laughing:

Very good film and worth a 2nd watch [emoji106]