Hi all, new to this forum

Does anyone have info on this company please?
Or is anyone on for these?
(based in purfleet)


Time away?

Long distance or not?

Are you asked to work hard (dutch style) :wink: :wink: ?

Generally UK work pulling tank containers out of Purfleet, Greenwich or Dartford, Although you are in the UK that doesnt mean you will be home.

Computer fitted in cab and various languages spoken.

Some love it, many hate it.

cheers for that,

Typical isn’t it!! driving round the uk in a left ■■■■■■…no thanks!

I was the only UK subbie on there that was based out of Barneveld. They are a good firm, or they were when I was there. The rate is fair and they keep you going, but they never asked more than was legal of their drivers.