H askey of sheffield

does anyone have any images of them becasue i think they’ve got a craking fleet

Especially there new scania highline with the topline spoiler kit that is real nice :smiley:

Yeah thats a nice motor

the pic of the new one must be in someones collection from truckfest as it was on the kelsa stand

It wasn’t in the best of positions for a photo, but someboby may have managed one!!

this was the only pic i got of it as they were abit cramped and the kelsa stands always packed with people

Nice pic mate, anyone got any more of them?

Nice motor,you would think they would of gone for sumet bit more than 400 gee gees…Dont Askeys do a lot of steel work.

i rekon that its a bit short on power dont you lads

scania recone the new engines are better than the old we had a 440 for a day and is surpose to be as good if not a bit better than my 480