h and s crap

got a letter this week telling me to go to a disaplinary meeting for insobordination and displaying aggresive behaviour with a possible out come of final written warning or sack.
insobardination was for saying i wouldnt go in a hour early to pick my truck up from service , said i get it when i came in at normal time, but 2 nd in command said couldnt do it as he had something on so couldnt take me up their.to fetch it 17.30 , only 16.30.
displaying aggresive behaviour is because because i said the boss was a two faced lying ■■■■■■■ [ hed told everyone hed discussed something with me but he hadnt , when i had him about it he went bright red which i knew straight away he was lying .
2nd in command said i was on serious charges because of new h and s regs,shouting and swearing at someone was a very serious issue now as was insobordination. before long you wont be able to breath without being on a rap of somekind.
was told to go along , say sorry , eat a bit of humble pie and it would be o.k.
but jacked in as im not getting on my hands and knees to that lying two faced zb
rang up when i got home , 2 hrs later got new job , more money ,pension ,better trucks and they seem really nice and freindly people ,result

nice one mate and good on you for sticking up for yourself.
i had one the other night. i did the company a favour and i got back early. i added half an hour to my time sheet (which meant i put the official finish time rather than actual. all times are listed, due to arrive, due to return, due to clock out etc) and the supervisor wasnt happy. this guy is the only one i dont like. i get on great with every other supervisor AND their boss.
the end result was that i phoned the agency when i got outside and gave them my side of the story. sorted out. the boss was coming in at 11 anyway so he would have a chat to him about it. i know the boss. he is ex army (as i am) and an ex driver. he asked me to swap shifts once meaning i would lose a few hours pay for a shorter shift. as i was helping him out, he added the time on to my sheets over a few days :sunglasses:

Did you tell em you were leaving or just decide not to turn up?

I think if they’d pulled that stunt on me, they’d have found a loaded wagon with no driver on Monday morning when they rolled into the office and the phone turned off.

done that once connor, really really dropped them in it, suspect next time transport manageress decides to bollock someone she wont do it in front of an office full of smirking schoolboys, the load should have been in Cardiff at 07.00 without fail, i was still in bed when manager rang at 08.00 shouting and bawling that they would lose the contract etc. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Taylor Barnard in Leeds

This is becoming more the Norm now as the suits take over depots ect. this whole game is run on favours and good manners, ie… please and thankyou. it seems now though that the types of people who are so SUPERVISORS ( who have probably never driven anything bigger than a smart car :laughing: ) do not care.
I say if they want to stick to rules and time then so should we.
:smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: