Gumball Rally

The Gumball 3000 rally was called off last night after two British drivers in a Porsche were involved in a high-speed accident in which a man died and his wife was injured.

Organisers of the 3,000-mile tour, which began in 1999, took the decision after Nick Morley, the brother of a wealthy property developer, and Matthew McConville were in a collision with a Volkswagen Golf in the Republic of Macedonia. The two men were arrested on the border with Albania.
They were part of a convoy of 120 cars driven by pop stars, models and businessmen who each paid £28,000 to drive from London to Athens and back, via Dubrovnik and Germany, in a week.

The rally, which was inspired by “Cannonball” Baker’s coast-to-coast motorcycle race across the United States in about 54 hours in 1933, will not travel any farther this year.

These blokes are going to rot are they not? … 629043.stm

Just seen that. The second person died and the driver was caught trying to escape by private jet.

Am I being a kill-joy when I say that this event is just a recipe for disaster??

Fast cars, late-night parties, high mileages are the ‘known’ facts; the ‘quite likely’ factors include drivers with a shortage of experience, lots of excessive speed in the wrong places, driving under the influence after last nights party(?), etc.

I’d loose no sleep if this event was banned/binned and I don’t think the ‘nanny state’ argument is relevant here.

Condolences to the family of the victims of the RTA.

Wheel Nut:
These blokes are going to rot are they not?

Two-year suspended sentence.