Guaranteed hours

If an agency guarantee a set amount of hours and guarantee temp to perm what are the legalities if they don’t give you work.

it depends on what is in your contract to be honest have a read it will explain it.

not trying to be unhelpful but some have things like you must call in each day or its void some have annualised hours etc. etc.

they can offer you work.
anytime - as long as your tacho legal
anywhere- within their working area
anyplace - any work they have taken on by any party be it direct or third party

It really means your their slave bend over and no lube

That’s unless your contract STATES in WRITING that its at one client …( by the way is this PAYE or umbrella S E )

You must be on about the Swedish Derogation that they’re using.

They have to pay you however you have to accept all work offered to you. If they offer you something and you turn it down they’re not required to pay you.

I’m on agency and have been since 2002.
guaranteed 40 hrs…
full holiday pay,
not all that clever on supplying ppe, but a pair of boots and a hi vis once a year aint gonna break the bank,
£10.15 per hour weekdays
£13.15 weekends
It will do for me…
some people might want more…