Gregorys Transport any newbies in the south west

any newbies in the south west

good people to work for, very clean and constantly updated wagons and everything 100% by the book.

Go for it and apply.As said they are a good firm to work for.Financialy sound.They buy up firms like you buy a packet of crisps.
I worked for them when they were at Keynsham then Longwell Green.Good planning and managment on the side of drivers.
I did cheese in fridges and Cadburys to Minworth and Perivale.
Decent drivers that are friendly and help out with a new drop.
They have been going for 100 years or more.

Framptons are after artic drivers.They may pay for your licences/Adr and Dcpc courses.Pension scheme.Free uniform.Pay up to £8.60 per hour.Telephone 01749 333 400 for an application form from Lizzie Todd at Human Resources.
Insurance paid out to your family if you are killed.28 days paid holiday.All training availble for fork lifts and reach stackers.In house full time trainer on site.
Night shifts/Garage door deliveries/Local and distance UK work.

I live about a mile from their Cullompton depot.
As has been said, always new or not very old well looked after kit.
I know a few people who have worked for them and they all said they were a good company to work for.

They use to pay over time out if it was booked as POA every week. If overtime was booked as work it was paid quarterly …
That was a bummer other than that yeah not a bad lot but I expect some in the office have changed now so I cant comment on that side as we were pushed a bit with deadlines**some times** when there was no need to put the pressure on.
good clean kit as said and it looks like they’ve gone back to Scania.

We had problems with the murks tripping fuses with some trailers when I was at Jn 18 M4…

Give it a go…