Greggs/Wiseman's Opinions?

Got an interview with former and assesment with later. (del driver)< but might get a trunking job if I am lucky.
Does anyone have any experiecne good/bad of working with or for these companies. I am in a full time job so its not as if I have to take the first offer (thats IF they offer me anything) that comes along, I thought I would ask the more knowledgable peeps on here if they had any input


Greggs do a nice steak bake and I don’t like milk, so based on that I’d go with Greggs. :wink: :smiley:

I’ve not worked for either of them but have done work for Watson’s dairy in wickham and the work on the milk is very hard.

the pallets are very heavy and the trolleys ain’t exactly light. if you have any sign of a bad back or shoulders i wouldn’t recommend the milk as you are liable to do more damage than good to yourself. i consider myself quite strong and had trouble getting the pallets moving on a pallet truck but it might be different with them, they might not be as heavy, you never know.

as for Gregg’s, i wonder if you get cheap pasties■■? if you do its worth going with them if the money is right. their pasties and pies are gorgeous

that’s my opinion anyway but others might have more of a clue what it is like.

Used to love Greggs steak bakes and stuff but to many visits to the Greggs next to jct 44 of the M6 first thing in the morning has put me off them.

Don’t know much about Wisemans but they always seem to be chasing their tail, stressed out and rushing all over the place when i see them doing deliveries.

Greggs do a nice steak bake and I don’t like milk, so based on that I’d go with Greggs. :wink: :smiley:

never try the sausage cheese and bean. or otherwise described as scab. disgusting i actully threw half away. :open_mouth: :imp:

Dont know much about either but when I was
on agency doing bakeries you got given bread, cakes
ect same when doing little shefs. I seen a wiseman
driver delivering milk to rotherham hospital a few weeks
ago he took it to the roof top cafe so he had a long walk
pushing one of those milk trolleys you get your milk out of
at the supermarket. Both will probably have tight drops but
which pays the most

I’ve worked for Wiseman. I was a shunter on nights.

I only ever went out on the road once to do a proper delivery for them when they were in the crap one night.

I take my hat off to the boys who drive those 6 wheel Volvo FLs. They can go off with 15-20 drops, often pokey little shops. They get very little, if any, assistance unloading, and have to push the trolleys to where the customer wants it. A loaded trolley weighs about a quarter of a tonne. The trolleys are awkward to control and are very top heavy. A good ■■■■ is all it takes to knock one over! :laughing:

And when you think the job can’t possibly get any more fun. It’s time to load the empties. You stack then up inside each other after having collapsed them. Trying to get them back in the lorry can be a right pain. Particularly if there is any hint of a slope. You also have to juggle them about so that you can get the rest of the load off afterwards.

I’m sure that it get’s easier with practice, but it’s not something I’d fancy doing on a regular basis.

In fairness to the company though, the kit was very well maintained, you ran straight or were down the road and the bosses showed the drivers respect.

I liked the company, just not the job. :laughing: If it was all that was about, yes, I’d do it. But it just wouldn’t be my first choice.

Good luck with it though.